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Submission + - Ziagen - an antiviral drug. HIV Treatment (

artz30 writes: 1 tab. Ziagen contains 300 mg of abacavir sulfate

Other ingredients: MCC, sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate, colloidal anhydrous silica; Opadry yellow

in blisters 10 pcs., 6 packs in a carton.
Oral solution 1 ml
abacavir (ABC in the form of sulfate) 20 mg
Other ingredients: sorbitol, sodium saccharin, sodium citrate, citric acid; metilparagidroksibenzoat, propylene glycol, fragrances with the smell of bananas and strawberries, purified water

in bottles of 240 ml, complete with a dosing syringe and adapter for a syringe, a vial in a box.

Pharmacological action – inhibiting HIV reverse transcriptase. Has a selective antiviral effect against the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and type 2 (HIV-1 and HIV-2), including HIV-1 strains resistant to zidovudine, lamivudine, zaltsitabinu, didanosine and nevirapine. In vitro studies have shown that the mechanism of action of ABC is to inhibit HIV reverse transcriptase, resulting in chain termination and termination of RNA virus replication. In vitro synergism revealed in combinations of abacavir with nevirapine and zidovudine. ABC has an additive effect in combination with didanosine, zaltsitabinom, lamivudine and stavudine.
In vitro were isolated strains of HIV-1 resistant to abacavir. Development of resistance associated with genotypic changes in certain codons of reverse transcriptase (codons M184V, K65R, L74V and Y115F). HIV resistance to abacavir in vitro and in vivo evolves relatively slowly, and requires multiple mutations to increase the concentration of IC50 to 8 times compared with wild strain of the virus, which may be clinically significant. In strains that are resistant to abacavir may reduce sensitivity to lamivudine, zaltsitabinu and / or didanosine, but the sensitivity to zidovudine and stavudine is preserved. It is unlikely the development of cross-resistance between abacavir and protease inhibitors or nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Ineffectiveness of initial treatment abacavir, lamivudine and zidovudine is mainly due to a mutation solely M184V, so this combination is preferred as a second line choice.

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