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Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 38

If you think you are going to mitigate the effects of the current anthogenic forced warming by consuming less, you are going to be a sad panda.

Governments might tolerate cost shifting, tax increases or other economic versions of rearranging the deck chairs, but slowing growth isn't going to fly. To the first approximation, the entire world economy is based on increase. Even stasis is bad.

Since a constant increase is an exponential function, we've got a bit of a problem as exponential functions tend not to be long lived natural phenomena. There is a reason that economics is called the 'dismal science'.

Comment Re:TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! (Score 1) 254

This is what everybody wanted right? right!?

Hmm. I sometimes wonder. Nobody I know admits to voting for him. In the deeply Red state of Alaska.

That's not precisely true. The couple of maniacs that run around with their beat up pickups festooned with NRA and Sarah Palin bumper stickers will still admit to it, but no one else.

I wonder what happened?

Comment Re:Different != more accurate (Score 4, Interesting) 74

Pretty much this. Cardiovascular risk is one of the best studied disease states known. Which is probably why they studied it. Even then, the 'AI' algorithms only improved risk stratification around 5% - nothing to sneeze at but hardly earth shattering.

OK, now, for extra credit lets risk stratify middle age hypertensive diabetics who are depressed.

Like the typical 'real world' patient. I'd just love some help here but the underlying data just doesn't support it. Which is kinda surprising since we've been studying these folks for a while. Simple medical problems are simple. Typical medical problems are not.

Comment Re:NK tech is non-existent (Score 1) 296

Nope. In the early 21st century, ICBMs are a solved problem. Especially when you're using surplus Russian gear. Simple, cheap. More or less effective.

Hell, in the US a single businessman can build modern ICBMs from scratch.

The warheads are a bit more of a problem, but again, it's not like a whole bunch of other people haven't been able to make them. Pakistan is not exactly on the list of Big Deals in the world.

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