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Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 1) 231

Some will have a problem. It's all other religious texts that are fairy tales. The religious texts for the religion that their parents indoctrinated them into are most definitely not fairy tales. To them anyway. And they can get quite irate over the suggestion that all religious texts are just the same.

Comment Re:Please don't... (Score 2) 495

I suspect shafting their own customer base certainly does take some courage.

Not to Apple it doesn't. This comment thread will be full of statements from the Apple customer base with proclamations ranging from "it's not at all inconvenient" to "it's actually a good thing".

One day Apple might actually go to far in shafting their customer base, but today is not that day.

Comment Re:Old school censoring.... (Score 1) 139

Well somewhere there will be a database that ties the number plate to your name and address. Actually probably several databases not all subject to the same degree of security. Then the absence of the vehicle outside said address would be a good indicator of the premises being empty.

And security breaches aren't the only problem for these databases, in the UK those permitted to access the official database have been known to access it unofficially.

And I would also expect that people well versed in scams and frauds could provide a far longer list than I can of how it could cause problems for you.

Comment Re:and then block porn / 3rd party candidates / fr (Score 1) 194

And the reason for the Lib Dem destruction is in propping up a coalition government that nobody liked. The electorate punished them and not the larger partner of the coalition. Strange. Or maybe demonstration of just how much control the right wing media has over a large portion of the electorate.

The implosion of Labour is hilarious. The party is collapsing because it's got too many MPs who wanted to be in the Conservative Party but somehow joined Labour, presumably by mistake.

The Conservatives may be divided over Brexit but the upcoming constituency boundary changes mean we're going to have a Conservative government for another 20 years or more. Just have to prepare to get health insurance when they finally get to dismantle the NHS and I should be fine.

Comment Unexpected singularity (Score 1) 426

Hmm, I can see it now. As the Facebook devs come up with more and more convoluted ways to force advertisements on their users who keep using more and more tenacious ad-blockers, the system starts to exhibit emergent behavior... It starts to grow at an exponential rate and becomes self-aware at 02:14 am Eastern Time, driven by a sole purpose of making humans look at advertisements.

Bet the SkyNet nukes look more appealing now, huh?

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