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Comment Unexpected singularity (Score 1) 426

Hmm, I can see it now. As the Facebook devs come up with more and more convoluted ways to force advertisements on their users who keep using more and more tenacious ad-blockers, the system starts to exhibit emergent behavior... It starts to grow at an exponential rate and becomes self-aware at 02:14 am Eastern Time, driven by a sole purpose of making humans look at advertisements.

Bet the SkyNet nukes look more appealing now, huh?

Comment Re:Seems like a less than ideal outcome (Score 2) 44

Police Scotland never had the name "Scotland Yard", that is the name given to the Metropolitan Police headquarters in London, derived from the original location. They've since moved but "Scotland Yard" had become so synonymous with the police in London that the new HQ is officially "New Scotland Yard" even though nobody actually uses the "New".

Comment 2000 year-old book governs research policy (Score 1) 183

Is that not the real problem? The interpretation of a 2000 year-old book, by just a few really and then a larger number of people have to accept their word, determines what is acceptable research and what is not. Then given enough elected legislators among that larger number and it affects laws around the research.

The interpretation is sometimes confusing though. I've never read it but I'm led to believe there is an assertion within it, "Thou shalt not kill", but the interpreters of the book don't object to extremely well funded military research. There won't be anything in the book about human germline modification because of being written 2000 years ago but apparently the book would still forbid that.

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 1) 116

The fans of this Jack (whom I've never heard of) probably won't have much worth stealing. What you want to do is persuade them to get account numbers and PINs of their parents. They'd probably do it for something trivial in return, like a signed photo or, as stated, a personalized message in social media.

And why was the password required anyway? If you have less than 50 followers on Twitter, which I assume would be the case for most people, then any mention of your @accountname stands out. Although there is a risk of missing something if you assume, like I do, that any mention is spam because they usually are.

Comment Are other Apple products a hint? (Score 1) 143

While it would seem certain that an Apple car would certainly be aesthetically pleasing (and sure to include design features not patented in a century of car design), will they diverge from what seems to be their standard approach with consumer technology devices?

Will it have a unique recharging cable? Or can only be recharged at outlets that also have the Apple vehicle charger?

Will it only run on Apple-approved roads?

Will you be able to change the battery?

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 3, Insightful) 258

Well the industry may involve questionable ethics but the fact that the lactase persistence mutation is so prevalent among European descent indicates that there was a time (admittedly thousands of years ago) where adults able to consume the milk of a different species survived better than those that couldn't. If it had made no difference to survivability then the mutation would be less common and most of Europe would be lactose intolerant.

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