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Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 1) 254

How exactly do you get into an iTunes account to clone an iPhone so it's identical to the one you've swapped out? Including photos, music, texts, emails...

And where inside an iPhone do you implant a bug and how do you keep it charged? And how do you receive the signal from a bug all over a city? Sounds like you've been watching too many James Bond movies....

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 1) 254

So cops never solved crimes before telephones existed?

Of course they did - But 100 years ago it was much easier to get away with crime.

If you robbed or killed someone in Boston and then hopped a train to Chicago to start a new life, odds were very good you'd get away with it - Unless someone paid Pinkerton's to track you down.

Comment Re:Dear god no (Score 1) 331

Do people in the USA lack the basic ability to get along with others?


When I travel to the USA on business trips I'll sometimes go to a movie in the evening (otherwise I'd just be doing email and it's not like you're going to go on a summer stroll in the evening in somewhere like Houston). There are lots of Americans in the theatre behaving well and having a good time.

It's people on Slashdot that lack the basic ability to get along with others.

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 1) 254

Try doing your job the old fashioned way..

The "old fashioned" way used to be to get a warrant and tap your landline. Can't do that anymore because the phone is encrypted, or the suspects chat via text. "OId fashioned" way used to be to get a warrant and search your house for evidence - Can't do that any more because the evidence is in an encrypted file...

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 2) 140

Consoles provide a computer that, relatively, easily plays games. No tinkering or fussing required.

They also do other stuff, relatively tinker-free, that you'd want to do near your TV & sound system -

- Connect to streaming music & video services

- Play CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray

- Connect to video and audio content libraries in your home

- Control your TV with your voice.

Yeah, yeah, I know you can do all this stuff with a PC as well, but with an XBOX it's set-and-forget (and, most importantly, wife-friendly).

Comment Re:Why do people think self driving cars will catc (Score 1) 622

If you can make them -convenient- (car sharing never was)

I don't understand this comment. I just checked the app and there are 10 Car2Go vehicles all under a 3 minute walk from where I am right now. If I drive one home I can probably park it outside my house - Certainly within a 1/2 block of my house.

I realize many americans are lazy bastards, but that certainly meets my definition of 'convenient.'

Comment Re:Cars Are Not More Expensive (Score 1) 622

Maintenance should be lower but tends to cost more.

I'm not so sure about that - My 1973 Datsun 510 needed regular "tune ups."

I had to re-gap or replace the points and the spark plugs. The rotor and distributor cap needed regular replacement. An oil change was a *lube* oil and filter where you had to crawl under the car lubricating all the joints. The overhead cam needed regular inspection and adjustment.

On my 2012 Nissan you don't do any of those things, and it had a four-year end-to-end warranty. That Datsun 510 probably had a one-year warranty.

I'd say the difference is that likely in the 70s many more people did that tuneup work themselves.

Comment Re:Why do people think self driving cars will catc (Score 1) 622

Everyone that says people won't own cars in the future is a massive moron.

Anonymous Coward Moron:

Will *some* people still own cars in the future? Yes, of course.

Will *many fewer* people own cars? Yes. Particularly in urban areas. Why would you bother owning one if it's cheaper, easier and faster to get from A to B using a car share?

You're already seeing growth in this year over year in cities with Car2Go.

PS Moron.

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