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Submission + - Thunderbird - Too Little, Too Late? (

MonsterTrimble writes: "From the Article:

"A few weeks ago, the Mozilla Messaging folks released the second beta for Thunderbird 3.1. The list of features amount to some nice improvements, but nothing revolutionary. One has to wonder if Thunderbird will ever be relevant to a wide audience, or if the Mozilla Messaging team should be focusing on doing more than incremental improvements to an old-school mailer."



Submission + - Chip Companies Form Company to Develop Linux (

Nunavut writes: ARM, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments (TI), this week announced the formation of Linaro, a not-for-profit open source software engineering company dedicated to enhancing open source innovation for the next wave of always-connected, always-on computing... Linaro was formed to increase investment in open source, address the challenges in developing products for sophisticated consumer markets and provide the support of a broad array of semiconductor products from multiple companies... Linaro will work with the growing number of Linux distributions to create regular releases of optimized tools and foundation software that can be used widely by the industry, increasing compatibility across semiconductors from multiple suppliers.

Feed Engadget: Motorola Droid Xtreme pictured yet again, still not announced (

Quickly becoming the most well-leaked handsets since the next iPhone, Motorola's fine little piece of kit informally known so far as the Droid Shadow / Xtreme has shown up yet again -- and this time, we're getting a great view of that bulbous posterior. The 8 megapixel cam, HD video capture, and dual LED flash are all confirmed, which takes just a little edge off the EVO 4G's reign, we'd say. Competition is grand, ain't it?

Motorola Droid Xtreme pictured yet again, still not announced originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 04 Jun 2010 20:10:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Feed Engadget: Dell Streak HDMI dock gets the hands-on treatment, kickstand-equipped case makes (

We managed to get an early look at the HDMI dock for the Dell Streak way back in February courtesy of T3's Greek site, but the accessory is now finally official (if not widely available), and Laptop Magazine has come through with what appears to be the first proper hands-on. Of course, there's not exactly a lot to go hands-on with, but it seems that dock does indeed function as a dock, and it also thankfully has a USB port and a line-out in addition to that HDMI port. Perhaps just as notable, however, is a Streak case that Laptop has also managed to get its hands on, which has a built-in kickstand. Check it out after the break.

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Dell Streak HDMI dock gets the hands-on treatment, kickstand-equipped case makes a cameo originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 04 Jun 2010 19:10:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Red Hat Software

Submission + - Work underway to keep Xen support in Fedora 13 (

Julie188 writes: So details on this are admittedly sketchy. But might be worth noting that both Red Hat and have gone on record promising that some kind of support for the Xen hypervisor is forthcoming for Fedora users. As we know, on Monday, Fedora 13 was released and it was chock full of features to appeal to business users. One of the ballyhooed improvements to 13 is virtualization, virtualization meaning KVM (and only KVM) these days for Red Hat. Xen was dropped from Fedora a few releases ago and it hasn't come back in 13, except that 13 still supports Xen guests. Meanwhile, "work is underway in to add platform support to Fedora 13 post-release," promises's Ian Pratt.

Submission + - Two years later, Apple still won't fix Safari hole ( 2

angry tapir writes: "Two years after fixing a security bug in the Windows version of its Safari browser, Apple apparently has decided that Mac users can go without a fix. Apple was initially unimpressed by Nitesh Dhanjani's work developing what's known as a "carpet bomb" attack, the security researcher said in an interview. "I told Apple about it two years ago, and they responded back, saying it was more of an annoyance than anything else." However, after Dhanjani went public with the flaw in May 2008, another security researcher showed how carpet bombing could be combined with another Windows attack to run unauthorized software on a Windows PC. Apple then shipped a fix for Safari on Windows, but not for Safari on Mac OS X."

Feed Engadget: Walmart officially cuts iPhone 3GS to $97, potentially clearing out inventory fo (

Well, this is intriguing: Walmart just officially announced that it'll be selling the 16GB iPhone 3GS for $97 starting Tuesday, a full $100 off the regular price. Given the high probability that Steve Jobs will introduce the thoroughly-leaked next-gen iPhone when he gives the WWDC 2010 keynote on June 7th, the price cut seems like either an attempt to clear out remaining inventory, or the 3GS is sliding down the line to replace the $99 8GB iPhone 3G -- a move which would corroborate some whispers we've heard today that the 3G is no longer being shipped to stores. Either way, the 3GS just got a lot cheaper, which is never a bad thing, but we'd still say potential iPhone owners should wait a couple weeks and see what's coming next.

[Thanks, Ryan]

Walmart officially cuts iPhone 3GS to $97, potentially clearing out inventory for the iPhone 4? originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 24 May 2010 19:58:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Submission + - Bad Math Skills Lead to Bad Mortgages ( 2

James Cho writes: "Not all subprime borrowers are alike. While all having poor credit histories, the Economist reports that those who failed a simple arithmetic test defaulted at rate much higher than that of test-passing borrowers. The results come from a working paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: 'Foreclosure starts are approximately two-thirds lower in the group with the highest measured level of numerical ability compared with the group with the lowest measured level,' quantifying the problem of public innumeracy."

Submission + - Verisign deal a sign where Symantec is heading (

crimeandpunishment writes: Two companies known for internet security....heading in opposite directions....meeting in a $1.2 billion deal. Symantec is buying a division of VeriSign that sells security technology to websites. Symantec wants to secure more things, while VeriSign wants to secure fewer things. Symantec is spending billions to make it a bigger player in areas other than its core, antivirus software for personal computers....while VeriSign has been purging divisions after deciding the company was spread too thin.

Submission + - Google being sued over Wifi Street View Data ( 2

tekgoblin writes: Well it appears that someone was not very happy about the Google Street View vehicles capturing Wifi data as reported this week. A Vicki Van Valin and Neil Mertz have filed a class action complaint against Google (Google) to be served in Oregon.

More at the site.

The Internet

Submission + - SPAM: Repair Your Online Reputation

MLHabrat writes: We have all done a things or two we are not proud, and we know that there is a pretty good chance that somehow, somewhere, someone (including ourselves) have posted information about us that we would prefer no one ever sees. This can especially be true of employers and potential love interests. Here are a few quick tips that can provide you with the ability to bury your unflattering information deep into the online abyss.
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Submission + - Suppressed EU report reveals damage from biodiesel (

DesScorp writes: "Has the European Union been hiding the costs of biodiesel and similar "green fuels"? Reuters is reporting that they have acquired documentation previously hidden by the EU that proves biodiesel is more harmful than either gasoline or diesel fuels. Using freedom of information laws, Reuters published information from the documents stating that such green fuels actually have higher CO2 levels than petroleum, and that they present the added problem of lost farmland and forested areas. They also state that in previous reports, the EU had stripped damaging information under protest from study participants. "Biodiesel from North American soybeans has an indirect carbon footprint of 339.9 kilograms of CO2 per gigajoule — four times higher than standard diesel — said the EU document, an annex that was controversially stripped from a report published in December. Editing the report caused one of the consultancies, Fraunhofer of Germany, to disown it partly in a disclaimer." Are green fuels all they're cracked up to be?"

Submission + - Gizmodo Editor gets Raided by the Fuzz. ( 1

retech writes: Jason Chen of Gizmodo (Gawker Media) did push things a bit too far with the stolen iPhone prototype he bought. A California judge issued a search warrant and the police raided his home while he was away. He's claiming journalist immunity... not really sure how well that will work out when he's admitted to purchasing stolen property and refusing to return it.

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