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Comment Sell? (Score 1) 171

Where's the option to sell older phones? We sell very old phones for spares and repairs, and newer phones still have some market value (e.g. my SGS2 that I sold last year.) I thought this was a common practice.

Comment Give it time (Score 1) 526

I agree that that many cores in a modern phone would be a completely wasteful drain on resources, but the way smartphones usage is being changed will be what shapes the future of processors, not what a company thinks. Take, for example, the Ubuntu Edge. Whether or not this machine ever comes to the public, the idea behind it is one that has become commonplace: a phone that can be used as a desktop computer. Now, when it comes to desktop computing, I prefer to use a minumum of 4 cores (I'm a video editor, so the power to run multiple high-resource programs is paramount), meaning that if I were to one day want to try using a phone/desktop hybrid, I would sure as hell want more cores. But even from the point of view of the average smartphone/tablet user, applications are becoming more advanced and resource intensive; games demand higher power GPUs and more RAM than ever before. As this trend continues, as it inevitably will (it is the wont of technology, after all), we shall see Qualcomm eat humble pie.

Comment If it gets stuff done... (Score 1) 1501

I don't care how found the language. The important thing is that it gets the message across and it gets stuff done. As an editor, I've had a few commissions whose words may have been described as "vulgar", however this allowed them to get the message across much more efficiently than if they had employed a more Nabokovian writing style. If it gets work done, it's what we need in the workplace.

Comment The "wrong hands" (Score 2) 814

Of course, what we actually need is not a gun that responds only to its original owner, but on that can determine whether said owner is mentally sound enough to own said gun or not. In fact, what we need is for there to be a system in place that does exactly that. Changing the way the tool works is irrelevant. If someone is unhinged enough, they'll go and pick up another gun for $20 behind a dumpster somewhere.

Comment A lot of subjects are hard at university level. (Score 1) 580

I cannot speak for my own degree as I study film. However, I have friends studying mathematics, physics, computer science etc. in Oxbridge, Exeter and the like. Indeed, my sister studied linguistics in Exeter and is going to Oxford for an MA. Now, the point I'm making is that all of these subjects are hard at this level (welcome to university, folks.) What is lacking, a lot of the time, is the drive and passion for the subject. Maths and sciences are, more often than the arts, taken as a means to a career. This means that people are doing them as a necessity, not as a subject of passion. Therefore, the subject feels more relentless and unbending. Of course, this doesn't apply to all students of these subjects (my aforementioned friends who study mathematics and sciences etc. are hugely enthusiastic and enamoured with the subjects) but I think it is certainly more true than, say, a person studying film as a gateway to a career.

Comment Using it less and less (Score 3, Informative) 126

I bought a Samsung ARM Chromebook a few months back. While it's absolutely perfect for web browsing on its own and its battery performance is exemplary, I find myself using it less and less. It's not because I mislike the machine, nor is it that I cannot do the majority of my work in a browser, it's simply that I prefer to have separate applications for separate tasks. I now just use a netbook with Arch Linux instead. I still recommend the Chromebook openly, though. It's a fantastic device with excellent build quality for the price and, as a web browser, it's not to be beaten any time soon.

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