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Journal CmdrTaco's Journal: Hawaii, The Screen Savers, Pokemon 2

Kathleen & I returned yesterday from a week vacation in Hawaii. Had a really fantastic time. The hotel internet was down almost the entire week, which saved me from even TRYING to read my email for like 5 straight days. I got over the withdrawl and enjoyed the sun. I snorkeled. I snuba dived. I drove switchback filed roads in a full size sedan. I took a helecopter tour of the island. I endured jet lag, and some utterly fantastic meals. Fortunately the hotel had a gym, so I managed to only gain a tiny bit of weight. I'm pretty well caught up on my email... but the Tivo is another story. So much CSI to watch...

I'm going to be on The Screen Savers again on Oct 11, and they asked me to plug my appearance. I don't really feel comfortable doing that on the mainpage... so many websites spend so much space plugging their own mojo that it gets incredibly repetitive. It's a pet peeve of mine. So I'll note it here, if you're in Los Angelos Oct 11, email your name, phone number, email address and number of tickets you'll need to TSSTicketline@g4media.com and I guess they'll hook you up. Of course, only like 7 people actually READ my journal, so I guess tell your friends or something.

While on the subject, I'm speaking at Google on friday, and the Georgia Institute of Technology on Oct 26... I'm not really sure if either event is open to the public, but what I am certain of is that I will be spending WAY to much airplane time. On the upside, the new Pokemon games for the gameboy came out recently. I know, laugh if you want... but I've been playing Leaf Green. It's just a simple RPG. Easily pausible. Easily savable. Easy to kill a few minutes waiting in a line or whatever. So with my mp3 player full of episodes of This American Life and the opportunity to 'Catch them All' and become the greatest pokemon trainer of all time, I guess I'll make do with all the time in the steel tubes.

Tragically this means my Sims 2 game will go largely unattended in October. Man the volumes I could write about that game... hafta save that for another time.

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Hawaii, The Screen Savers, Pokemon

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  • Snuba diving would be a trick. :-) Which island did you go to? I am thinking of taking a trip to Hawaii with the wife for a coffee plantation tour along with some scuba and snorkeling and hiking. Can you suggest places to stay that would be nice?

    • maybe "snuba" is like "scuba" except that when the fishes come by to visit, you rudely turn away and ignore them?

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