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Journal CmdrTaco's Journal: Slashdot Bookmarks, Journal Submissions

If you go to our new bookmark page you can see our new taggable bookmark thingee. The tagging faq has a few entries specifically about it, including HTML for javascript bookmarking from your toolbar.

the most important part of this to US is that after a URL has been bookmarked, you have the option to write a journal about it, or submit it directly to the Slashdot authors for consideration as an article.

Also you can write a journal entry about it. Journal users will note a new function as well, a Submit to Slashdot function is now included in the Journal form. ticking that box will submit your story to the editors for consideration as a story.

The concept is roughly that you can now use the post-to-slashdot javascript to bookmark a URL. Then, once bookmarked you can write a journal entry about it. And when you check the appropriate box, that story is submitted to the editors. It's all quite simple, and it allows you to blog/submit/bookmark in one place.

Also bookmarks are taggable, so please try to tag them as best you can. We have a lot of stuff coming to this, but for now it's all in testing so please give feedback.

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Slashdot Bookmarks, Journal Submissions

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