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Comment Re:More context (Score 3) 228

"...the maximum distance between any 2 charging stations is about ~150 miles."

Uh, no. Take a look at North and South Dakota, Montana, or a lot of other states out West. Also, a lot of interstate routes lack nearby Supercharger stations, and you'd have to take a significant detour to be able to quickly charge a Tesla. The Supercharger network still needs more stations. It's a lot better than Mary Barra (of GM)'s recent commentary to the effect that they wouldn't support infrastructure unless it helped everybody. Um, hello, you're trying to entice people to buy your Chevrolet Bolt with an iffy refueling network. The least you can do is support improving that iffy refueling network.

Comment Guilty of using older Apple hardware (Score 1) 551

I have:
- 2011 MacBook Air i5 13.3" - still runs well on OS X 10.11. Works well casting video to Chromecast.
- 2011 iMac i7 27" - has gotten slower and slower with each OS update, upgrading to SSD a year or so ago fixed that. Now runs very well with OS X 10.11.
- 2012 iPad mini - deceased due to digitizer problems. Got slower and slower with each OS update, also, could not keep more than one webpage tab stored in RAM at once. Was planning to upgrade it anyway due to the performance, but the "ghost touch" on the digitizer made it unusable. I will probably get a refurbished iPad mini 2 to replace it (it has twice the RAM and shouldn't have as many problems keeping webpages cached).
- 2015 iPhone 6S - this replaced a Nexus 4 with a dying battery. Still works well, obviously.

The desktop and laptop seem to have better longevity than the mobile devices. I will replace the mobile devices when they break or when running the current OS makes them too slow. The desktop and laptop still perform very well and look like they will have several more years of usage left. Similar newer Apple desktops and laptops seem to benchmark about 50% higher than the ones I have, which is not enough for me to consider an upgrade. Honestly, when the time comes, I could see replacing both the iMac and the MacBook Air with a midrange 15" Dell laptop. At that point, I might upgrade to a 10" size iPad, since I would no longer have an ultraportable laptop to travel with.

Comment Ad-supported software (Score 1) 599

I wish MS had been more upfront about the fact that Windows 10 is advertising/personal data collection-supported software. Between the automatically installed Candy Crush Saga, the Get Office and Get Skype ads which reinsert themselves with every Windows update, and of course the keylogger, Microsoft should be paying the end users substantial sums of money to run Windows 10.

Comment Podcasts app (Score 1) 462

The Podcasts app on iOS 9 is unusable (hard to navigate, no full screen video). I bought one other app before buying Pocket Casts, which works a lot like the older, better Podcasts app used to work. I know fewer people are using podcasts, but there is no reason for Apple to redesign the app to turn people away from it.

Comment Re:Austin? (Score 1) 464

I went to MotoGP in Austin a few years back, and stayed a few extra days to check the place out. I doubt I will ever go back. They have a great foodie scene, but a lot of cities do these days. Traffic was terrible the entire time I was there. Worse than Chicago, Atlanta, or Miami. Every 20 minute trip took well over an hour. GPS with traffic data was no help. I went to some state or national park, way out of town, and got held up for 20 minutes in stop and go traffic at some sort of Podunk Festival in a tiny town along the way.

I also made a day trip to San Antonio, which I liked a lot better. I wouldn't touch Austin with a ten foot pole.

Comment Re:Nothing (Score 1) 169

$15/month here with TWC's Everyday Low Price. I'm sure this plan will disappear when they merge with Charter and Brighthouse and they will only offer cheap internet to households with verifiable low income.

Anyway, it's 2 megabits down and 1 megabit up. I wouldn't mind more bandwidth, but you can't beat the price. I don't have a cable TV package. Netflix streams just fine so long as you're not doing anything else at the same time. I bought my own modem and don't pay a rental fee. Downloading OS updates or Garmin map updates is painfully slow, but other than that, it works very well in practice. The service has been very reliable over the past year that I've been here.

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