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Journal Journal: Attention password naggers 3

Any further email messages titled "Slashdot User Password for CmderTaco" will be automatically shredded before they reach my mailbox. So you can continue using the "mail password" form as much as you like - I won't be notified about it anymore.



Journal Journal: Someone's trying to hack my account! 5

Some lifeless people have been trying to hack into my account (is it GNAA?). Look what kind of email I received:

Your new password is toiDiUoY. Your old password will still work until
this password is used. Go to the URL below to log in:

Make sure you then CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!

If you have received this message without having requested it, it is because someone attempted to use your username or e-mail address. It was mostly likely an innocent mistake, and they are not getting your password, so you can safely disregard this message.


In case you get multiple emails you didn't request, the requester's IP
was Its user agent was
"Mercatur/6.9 (Lunix; Q; MercaturOS 6.6.6; en-EU; rv:1.234) G"
(not that you should trust that value, but it might be interesting).

It's not a fake email - it was indeed sent to me from Slashdot, using an email address which is known only to Slashdot and me.

See the spoofed IP. It's very interesting - how could you feed a webserver with a fake IP like that? It doesn't make sense. Also it's nice to see that the hackers are using lunix.. and could anyone would tell me what's the deal with Mercatur? Is it a girl or something more than that?


Journal Journal: Retiring CmderTaco Talkback 5

Due to a disappointing lack of interest, I'm going to discontinue CmderTaco Talkback. It was nice when people still bothered to comment, but I can't do it on my own.

It also disappointed me that no one ever mentioned me. I guess I'll never be a popular troll because I can't really troll - I'm too nice for that.


Journal Journal: Good porn actresses

I'm downloading porn nowadays, and it's real fun, but the problem is that many porn actresses may look good, but they are really, really bad actresses.

I'm not saying porn actresses should act like real life actresses, but they should act in a convincing way. Most of the porn actresses I see just moan and shout sentences like "yea! fuck my pussy! shit! ohh! uuuhhhh!" and it looks so bad that sometimes the movie looks better if I mute the volume.

So.. do you know any nice actresses? If so, don't hesitate to tell me about them. Thanks.

Update: You suck guys! Why didn't you answer me? Fuck you!!!


Journal Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: Office Moves, Server Wonk, Moderation

In his recent journal entry, our lovely Taco spoke about:
  • Office move (they used to work in the basement of a toy store. Kinda like MegaTokyo, no?)
  • Server problems and their possible fix
  • Pondering about a rework of the moderation system - like adding a decimal point or changing the numeric values to words like "best" and "worst".

And in a different note, I am assembling The Talkback Team, which will be consisted of several people. Each time Taco writes a new journal, all the team members will receive an SMS and the member closest to a computer will write a TalkBack journal (and notify everyone else that she did that). This way, the talkback will be much more efficient.

Apply here.


Journal Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: Server Wackiness, Carnivale, G5

In his recent journal entry, Taco spoke about: Drop in mod points, the strange errors we see in /. lately (they'll have to write a script to restart httpd... damn it's so annoying when you don't know what's the source of the problem), traffic increase, an HBO show, new apple laptop (in exchange for all the favoring of Apple stories?) and ANOTHER office transfer (the last one was from the west coast to the east coast if I remember correctly).

So, do you want to discuss that? I'm sure you do! There's no anime involved this time! ;)


Journal Journal: CmderTaco Talkback:Oops, Server Slowdowns, Moderation Issues 1

In his recent journal entry, CmdrTaco talked about the slashdot@slashdot.org email address (and how anything you sent to it until now is going to get lost), some hardware changes (what's a webhead?) and the side effects of the 20% growth in traffic (why did that happen? why is there more traffic here? Did the webservers start to serve girls as well?)

Discuss, honey.


Journal Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: AnimeNext

In his recent journal entry, CmdrTaco shared us with his horrible experience in some anime con. He and his wife were forced to do 2 keynotes and were nearly squashed by the crazy mob which expected live tentacle porn. Luckily they were saved by Hime-chan no Ribbon who slaughtered some pornstalkers just in time.


Journal Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: Sandman, Coffee, Hardware Moves 4

Sorry for being late. I didn't turn on the computer yesterday so I missed the crucial journal notification.
In his recent journal entry, CmdrTaco talked about Sandman, the wonders of the office coffee machine, some transparent hardware updates (I prefer software updates) and about the increasing traffic.
Discussion? anyone?


Journal Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: Email Pet Peeves, TV, Slashdot T-Shirts 4

I was afraid he isn't going to write anymore, but he did!
In his Recent journal entry, CmdrTaco writes about users who send emails with legal restrictions, users that require him to prove he's not a spammer, two DVDs of TV serieses he got (while claiming that Alias is fluff! This can't be tolerated!), some hardware changes here and new t-shirts there.


Lord of the Rings

Journal Journal: The articles I hate the most: Laptop Fuel Cells and LoTR

There are 2 subjects here that I can't stand:

The first is fuel cells for laptops. I understand the sympathy towards fuel cells - they are nice and all. But they are for the cars. Once they start making cars use them I'll be happy, because gasoline sucks and it's a very annoying energy source.

But for laptops?? Fuel cells for laptops would be useful only in the case of a person who stands in a deserted place without electricity. Such a deserted place that he doesn't even have a car near him.

Negligible market or what? So why people are making efforts on developing fuel cells for laptops? They will always cost more for the consumer. That stupidity just freaks me out.

And now, the second subject: Lord Of The Rings.

Such a boring story - it's only useful as a sleeping pill. There are hardly girls there - probably because JRR Tolkien didn't know how to operate them. It is SO BORING!

The movie is a similar story. Richard Jackson is such an idiot.. it seems like the NZ leaders told him: "Hello Richard. Here's New Zealand's national budget. Do with it everything you want". So he used all the money for the battles.. and those battles are long and tiresome. Watching them is not enjoyable and not entertaining. It's a nightmare.

So. To summarize it up:

Thank you all very much.


Journal Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: Blacked out! 12

In his recent journal entry, CmderTaco speaks about the blackout and its effects on him and on slashdot. That includes the inability to have normal coffee and also the need to piss outside in order to conserve water.

Note: He was using too many abbreviations. I guess that NPR is National Public Radio, but what is BFE (related to water)?


Journal Journal: The upcoming changes in the subscription model 2

As you noticed, our subcription model doesn't give us much revenue. Yes, we got some money from you, the lovely users, and also from the ads above, but it's far from enough.

Our subscription model was wrong from the first place, as it was based on ad-blocking. And nobody cares about ad-blocking anyway, so most people set in their configuration to block one ad per day, and that allows them to enjoy the "plums" for almost 3 years, and all that for 5 bucks.

Well, it's gonna change and you knew it would happen! First of all, we're going to offer many must-have plums which will create a serious gap between normal users and subscribers. For example: Subscribers will be allowed to have all sorts of fun in their journal. I'm talking about custom themes, custom icons and the IMG tag. They will be allowed to erase comments from their journal, and they will also have their own hit counter and a statistics page (including referers). And finally, they will have the option to let search engine index their page too.

And after that, we'll change the subscription model. Instead of buying blocked ads, you will buy subscription months. Current subscribers will be autoconverted too (10 ads == one day).

Sounds fun isn't it? I can't wait to see if it helps us.


Journal Journal: CmderTaco Talkback: AnimeNext, Home Theater, Optimizations 9

In his recent journal entry, Taco speaks about himself participating in a panel in an anime convention, buying cables for the home theatre and the optimization of index.pl. Discuss.


  1. Anime is gay. Don't watch it.
  2. It is interesting that they measure cables in meters in USA. I guess it's like with monitors which are measured in inches everywhere.
  3. Today I visited a girl from the internet and fucked her.

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