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Comment Re:Looking forward (Score 1) 154

Basically, Bill skimmed a lot of money from the productivity of others and continued to do so long after he stopped needing/wanting additional cash.

If Bill disbursed 50 billion (leaving himself with a paltry 16 billion), he could have provided every MS employee in the US with $877K. Given that there are plenty of non-rich MS employees, an additional 877K (87K additional salary for 10 years, 43k additional salary for 20 years) would have been far more economically useful to them than it would be as an additional billion for someone that could never spend it.

Comment Re:OK, 35 years, then... (Score 1) 390

Nigga please.

35 years was the maximum sentence. Given that Swartz was white, and not a repeat offender, the real maximum he was facing was far less.

1. Prosecutors offer a 6 month plea deal instead of the maximum sentence of 35 years. If they felt they had an iron-clad case (where they could actually get a sentence of 35 years), they aren't going to be that generous.

2. Swartz and his attorney rejected the plea deal. They either felt that they could win the case, or that even on the event that they lost the case, it wasn't going to be a 35 year sentence (otherwise, why risk it vs 6 months).

Swartz blood is on his own hands.

Comment Its not hard to read between the lines (Score 1) 217

Basically, the grumbling that we see here is the precursor to an AppleTV announcement. People (paid or otherwise) start the cycle by whining about the current status quo.

  It doesn't matter that almost everyone has their TV (smart/dumb) hooked up to a cable/satellite box and probably a DVD/Blu-ray player for movies.

It doesn't matter that most people are interested in watching television on their television and aren't interested in tweeting or facebooking when using their TV.

What matters is that the situation is so terrible, that only the dead may know peace. There is no other solution. No Roku, no appletv, no smartTV. What we need is a new iproduct.

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