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Journal Journal: Sometimes, Even I am Human 2

...and as such, I do have feelings. When people accuse me of things, I am compelled to respond, and this can put me in a bad light. Today I was reading this thread and in particular this comment when I notice the users sig: "Grow up, Cliff". Now me, being the curious sort that I am, click on the link and end up at this journal entry.

Now, being the crazy sort of chap that I am, I say to myself: "Ack! Did I do something to piss this poor fellow off?". I don't remember doing so, I usually try hard NOT to do so. So I check.

No. I didn't.

Now I go and do something utterly excusable.

I talk back.

So I'd like to apologize to fm6, for having the bad sense to respond to an attack. I usually have a better head on my shoulders, but it's 4pm and I'm just waking up after a long Friday (want details? Maybe I'll write a journal on it. Of course long time fans of mine know how likely that is...) -- the world is still spinning. I'm going back to bed, now.

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Journal Journal: Barrelling Down I-81

It was horrid, this afternoon, just riding down I-81 today.

It was gray.

It was rainy.

And there were a lot of idiots on the road.

I mean, the trip from Manassas to Christiansburg in Virginia shouldn't take longer than 5 hours if you drive it at 55.

Today it took my roommate and I 7 hours to make that drive, and I counted at least that many accidents along the way.

Thank god we weren't one of them, although my mothers car was rear-ended in DC, while driving me to Vienna to meet my roommate in the first place.

Are we just passing out Driver's Licenses these days, or do certain people suddenly lose dozens of IQ points as soon as you get them behind the wheel?

I don't know. It certainly seemed that way, today.

And it only takes one car accident to ruin several people's day.

So for all of you who happen to travel through Virginia on Interstate 81...

Be careful out there.

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Journal Journal: You get used to something, and then...times change

I used to go back home for Thanksgiving each year, and after skipping the last one, I'm really looking forward to go.

However it's going to be getting there that will be the problem. I used to have a car. Car go bye-bye. I don't have it anymore and it will be 3-4 months before I can even consider a replacement.

Helpful note: If you lend a "friend" your car and you tell them to be somewhere at a certain time, and they AREN'T. And then they wreck your car afterwards? Be nice. Be kind. Be concerned, but most certianly, GET SOMETHING IN WRITING. Make sure it's an *equitable* agreement. Hell, you don't want to screw your friends even if they did screw your latest Jag...however it seems situations like this always boils down to who-screws-whom-first, and I hate that. It's a lose-lose situation and those... Well, let's just say the eternal optimist in me isn't dead even after all these years of stanch cynicism (I'm stocking it by the bottles...just like wine. I figure I'll be able to pass myself off as some poser "artiste" with a nose for an esoteric niche, but hey...it's worked for others before....

But anyways, the point is...get them to sign something. If they later come back screaming its unfair, well then you're back to phase one, and the next time around things can get a bit more nasty. (be prepared: bring lots of gasoline for those "bridges"). Some people seem to think it's about money. It's not. It's about trust. A friend of mine ruined my ride? I don't give a damned about that. My concerns are usually in this order: am I OK? are my passengers OK did we hit anyone else?

Cars, trucks and robot ducks are all easy to replace. They are things after all. Trust is something differen, however. Once it's lost, it's gone, possibly forever (unless extreme action is employed, such generally better if it comes from the heart). And it's trust in a friend to not screw you over and maybe pass you back $10-20 bucks a slide rather than screw you around for months and months and months with promises, promises, and promises that never materialize.

Sooner or later you have enough. Pore that gas literally, girls, because this bridge is now a bonfire. Such a "friend", isn't much of one at all.

Anyways, this is beginning to turn into a rant. But it's cathartic. Definitely. I always used to deride diarys, but that's because there was always this silly notion that a "diary is private".

However, this is a public journal, and these are my thoughts. Some may enlighten. Many may irk or anger. This is not the intent, however. The intent is to communicate what one feels. And in that way, maybe we can all learn about each other well enough to find the common ground.

Talk Back! -- Comments are enabled on this one. I've been the "anonymous Slashdot editor" for far too long, I think. :D

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Journal Journal: Cloak and Dagger

I remember being real engrossed in those old spy movies in novels when I was a kid. Schemes and conspiracies behind every corner and the main character, almost always unquestionalbly suave, would be smack dab in the middle of it all. Relying on his wits, and (maybe) an arsenal of high-tech gadgetry.

Fast forward 10 years. I work for a web site, that deals with, among other things, computer technology and licensing issues.

And I'm now getting e-mails from people calling themselves "DeepThroat"; Issueing codewords like "microtest" and "zerver".

You think I'm not enjoying the hell out of this? ;)

And yes, DT, I -am- interested in furthering our earlier discussion.

Wonder if it's time to find a nice dark suit and some cool shades?


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Journal Journal: And the Monkey Presses the Switch


The database goes *klunk*, as 70G of data gets dropped into the never-never land we all know as /dev/null, never to be seen from again. Gone are the old users, the old comments, the old stories and most notably, the old journals.

My apologies. I don't preserve journals across full-imports. It's just too much trouble for data that will be blown away soon anyways. However, I WILL probably need to save Journals from public testing.

God, I hope that doesn't prove to be impossible given the time we have left....

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