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Comment Re:One and only one thing to fix the problem (Score 1) 494

"Again, the only recourse is to refuse to buy Sony products until a VP is fired. Nothing else will work." I agree - to an extent. Do you *really* believe that your senior managers need to know every technical detail of every product you have? I don't. They are there to manage, not to know the minutae of code. I suspect in Sony's case, some high up manager said "make sure our new CDs have some sort of copy protection on them" to one of his minions. From there, the message got passed down the chain, maybe through 5 or 6 people. Yes, the buck stops at the top, but is firing really the solution? Will firing a VP or two actually make a difference? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not advocating what Sony have done - I think it's absolutely appalling. I also expect to see a lot of virii and spyware writers jump on the back of this and begin to copycat Sony - and things are bad enough already. I think one of the things Sony SHOULD do is issue a statement saying they made a mistake and that they are sorry. I also think that they should release a patch freely available on their website - none of this silly sign-up-an-email address cr*p. Will that happen? Who knows...

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