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Submission + - To patent trolls with love (

barwasp writes: I did this. Maybe it isn't much, but if Adobe could that to this guys pictures, it could be a big competitive advantage and Adobe doesn't need any such. Now, lets make sure that there will no chances for evil software patents within this technology. As these blogs broadcast all kinds of timestamped weird-backs back to ... to who knows where. Hah, prior arting has never been easier.

Dear all reading professional, I would like you to remember reading this text as prior art, when someone will try to patent a similar method or a device arrangement, that is using the techniques shown below. TITLE: Method and device arrangement for creating audio visual designs
unPatentable claims 1) A method that...

Still, I wonder why do I need to publish things somewhere in the internet hoping someone will found those when needed. Wouldn't it be the duty of WIPO or USPTO to arrange a way to archive unPatentable claims as prior art... Can it be this simple? Earlier I have posted prior arts to the Usenet, used Digital Timestamping Service, even submitted patent applications. However, that prior art knowledge has only been for me, what if I like... die. No, WIPO or USPTO should maintain the prior art wiki.

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Submission + - A Cold Civil War

pipingguy writes: That's quite a concept: "A cold civil war." Since 9/11, Mr. Gibson has abandoned futuristic sci-fi dystopias to frolic in the dystopia of the present. Spook Country boils down to a caper plot about a mysterious North America-bound container, and it's tricked out very inventively. Yet, notwithstanding the author's formidable powers of imagination, its politics are more or less conventional for a novelist in the twilight of the Bush era: someone says, "Are you really so scared of terrorists that you'd dismantle the structures that made America what it is?" Someone else says, "America has developed Stockholm Syndrome towards its own government." Etc. But it's that one phrase that makes you pause: "A cold civil war."

Submission + - Steal for the WGA (

eefsee writes: How can you support TV & movie writers during the current Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike? Kay Reindl, a TV writer, suggests boycotting iTunes in favor of bittorrent: '...go ahead and watch those DVDs. Yes, we're being underpaid for them but at least we ARE being paid. What I don't want people to do, however, is download episodes from iTunes or watch episodes on a network's website. ...when you download something or watch streaming video with commercials and the writers don't get any money for it, the networks call it promotion. ...Steal from the networks. You KNOW how much they hate it. But we're not supposed to hate it if they steal from us. Somehow, that's their logic. If you don't know how to use Bittorrent, go read up on it.' Makes you feel downright good to be a criminal!
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Journal Journal: Racism Is Apparently Only Bad If It's From Whites 4

Witness this. Many in the press knew about this for months, and no one reported on it until now.

She is saying, unequivocally: vote against people who aren't the same color as you are.

And the press has given her a pass.

Just incredible.

Screw her, and screw all other racists, of any color.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - McDonalds Cook Arrested: Burger Too Salty

SuperJew writes: "A McDonald's worker was arrested yesterday outside of Atlanta because the burgers were too salty. A Union City, GA police officer took two bites and vomited. The cook, Kendra Bull, said the salt & pepper accidentally spilled into the meat mixture, but the manager continued cooking it anyway. Police investigators took photos of the offending sandwich and hauled Ms. Bull off to jail. The charge? Reckless Conduct. What's next? Arresting the guy at Best Buy becuase they overcharged a cop for a TV?"

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