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Submission + - To patent trolls with love (

barwasp writes: I did this. Maybe it isn't much, but if Adobe could that to this guys pictures, it could be a big competitive advantage and Adobe doesn't need any such. Now, lets make sure that there will no chances for evil software patents within this technology. As these blogs broadcast all kinds of timestamped weird-backs back to ... to who knows where. Hah, prior arting has never been easier.

Dear all reading professional, I would like you to remember reading this text as prior art, when someone will try to patent a similar method or a device arrangement, that is using the techniques shown below. TITLE: Method and device arrangement for creating audio visual designs
unPatentable claims 1) A method that...

Still, I wonder why do I need to publish things somewhere in the internet hoping someone will found those when needed. Wouldn't it be the duty of WIPO or USPTO to arrange a way to archive unPatentable claims as prior art... Can it be this simple? Earlier I have posted prior arts to the Usenet, used Digital Timestamping Service, even submitted patent applications. However, that prior art knowledge has only been for me, what if I like... die. No, WIPO or USPTO should maintain the prior art wiki.

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