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Submission + - Opera Mini makes it to the iphone/iPad ( 2

ClaraBow writes: Opera Mini makes it to Apple's App Store. Macworld reports that Apple approved an iPhone version of Opera's Mini Browser. Opera announcement that it had submitted the browser to Apple for approval on March 23 was, unsurprisingly, met with a fair amount of skepticism; in a bit of App Store mockery, the company even set up a web page to keep track of the amount of time during which the app had been in the approval process. The final tally: a little less than three weeks. Many industry observes doubted that the browser would be approved by Apple as it has rejected similar Apps on the grounds that it duplicated iphone functionality. Most Slashdot readers, myself included, strongly believe that it never would be approved, but we were wrong! Maybe this will open up the possibility that Firefox mobile will make to the iphone — one can only dream!

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