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Submission + - Windows Vista SP1 Guides for IT Professionals (

wilkinism writes: Microsoft released several detailed documents explaining just about everything you ever wanted to know about Vista SP1. Highlights include a Deployment Guide, list of included hotfixes, and a 17-page list of "Notable Changes". In reviewing the "Notable Changes" document, it seems MS focused on improving reliability & performance in really specific scenarios, so it's no wonder that most reviewers are reporting no noticeable gains.

Submission + - Firefox 3 Reviewed: A Disappointment (

oopensource writes: "According to's latest review of Firefox 3, it's not quite up to standards. "What pains me the most is that Firefox has not even achieved the full market share that a version 1 mindset might have allowed for. Back then, it was fast, and there was a genuine feeling like the users were being heard with the functionality that future releases would offer. Today, this seems to be a thing of the past. I can say that outside of the still very cool add-ons, I find it really hard to get myself too excited about the next release of Firefox, and this is sad. Here in the near future, I will take the next release for a test run, but remain firmly committed not to do so until Firefox 3 is officially released, as to be fair to the developers."

Submission + - ILS Proton Successfully Launches SIRIUS4 Satellite (

Tech.Luver writes: "A Proton launch vehicle successfully lifted the SIRIUS 4 satellite into orbit today, marking the fourth mission of the year for International Launch Services (ILS). The Proton Breeze M vehicle, built by ILS partner Khrunichev Space Center of Moscow, lifted off from Pad 39 at the cosmodrome at 4:39 a.m. today local time (5:39 p.m. EST Saturday, 22:39 GMT Saturday). After a 9-hour-13-minute mission, the launcher released the satellite into geostationary transfer orbit. The SIRIUS 4 satellite is expected to go into service at the beginning of January at 5 degrees East longitude, where it will deliver broadcast and broadband services across Europe and parts of Africa for SES SIRIUS of Sweden. ( )"

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