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Comment Re:In related news ... (Score 1) 371

It would certainly be interesting to see what effect a change of incentive would have on Climate Science research. I.e., suppose that being *skeptical* of Global Warming is what got you funding. How severely would the supposedly pure researchers prostitute themselves to the new order to get the funding? And how severely have they prostituted themselves to Obama's order to get funding?

Comment Re:I guess there is demand (Score 1) 78

If you really think that inflation is going to run crazy, then instead of stuffing cash into your mattress, you can do one of the following: buy gold, buy shares in the stock market, or deposit into a savings account or certificate. The value of all of these will float with inflation. I remember getting 11% interest on a fixed-term deposit in the late 1980's. All of these have the advantage of not carrying the same risk exposure as Bitcoin, whose value can fluctuate by 20% over a few days.

Comment Re:Trump has to be #1 (unless they hate him) (Score 2) 145

As much as the leftist media hates Trump, they were completely unable to shut up about him all year long. I was worried the word "TRUMP" would be burned into my TV screen from flipping to the CNN story title. Their incessant coverage probably put him over the finish line.

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