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Journal Journal: No way. That's just too weird.

How big is the internet really? What are the chances of just running into someone you lost contact with? Usernames, emails, interests, opinions- they all change over time.Would you even recognise their virtual identity if you stumbled accross them again?

I know it happens in cities. I've had a handful of random reunions with all school mates. Once I'd have said the internet was way too big, and way too anonymous. But now I'm not so sure. With social networking, and the preference for platform style websites to funnel our browsing, isnt it becoming more and more likely? I used to browse the net like a an explorer searching for hidden treasures in the jungle. Now I have a list of sites that feed me information with little no to effort on my part. I only ever look for alternative resources when those sites fail me, which isn't often. Take Wikipedia as a prime example of my dependancy on these platforms. It is always the first, and mostly the last, place I look for any answer.

Anyway, I don't really have a point. Just a thought. I read a reply to a post today, had a little giggle, and then realised I was once very close friends with someone who also had that username. It could even be the same person, but I could only guess. It's been 8 years, at least, and I only knew them online (Australia and America being placed on the globe the way they are).

I feel like I've been visited by apparition from my past because I always regretted losing contact, but I am enjoying the fond memories it brings back a great deal. 8 years is a long time, and I suspect only one or two of my friends was around at the time, and might remember. But I wanted to tell someone.

Cyberspace; the modern letter in a bottle.

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