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Journal Journal: Linux vs Windows 4

Hmm I am thinking about installing Linux on my machine at home, I don't have any real experiance with it but I hear that it is much much much more reliable and not difficult to learn. Of course I would have to check hardware and drivers etc for compatability issues, but I would really like everyones' advice, you know, opinions.

Is Linux really better for me than windows 98?

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Journal Journal: Com-Ed kills the Dot Com

Oh man... We have three power sources coming into our company, and what happens? One fails. Now I don't know if any of you have experiance with a warehouse/office, but that isn't good when your company tries to run on two thirds its normal power. And you know what's worse? the branch of power that went down just HAPPENED to be the branch that supported the AS400, Joy. So our stupid company, which has only a 15 minute aux power system doesn't have the battery full charged and so the As400 doesn't get to power down correctly. What's worse, it that it doesn't come back up for three hours, and then we get a FLOOD of calls complaining about how there is no internet access outside the company... It turns out that our firewall was spiked! Wonderful no? So it took us another three hours to setup our extra firewall. I suppose thats all.

Com-ed sucks.

Work sucks more.

But I suppose I appreciate that I am only 17, female, and working as a temporary in a company in their IT support department. I mean, thats a damn good job.

Dro Alu Pholor. (thats Drow, though I doubt any would know...)

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Journal Journal: The World of Web Sphere

WebSphere is an apps server that my company is currently.. well trying to use. Its horridly messy and really quite... confusing. Even to a bunch of brilliant IT members and even the guy who works as a consultant for the company. I don't understand things like this. There must be an easier way. I don't understand why an company or program writer or whom ever would sit down and write THIS. I think that between the 5 of us.. we have gone through a case of mountain dew. And its only 10:00... That can't be healthy. When is everyone going to figure out that the cheapest way is never the best, and the most expensive way is probably worse. Not soon enough.

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