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Submission + - UK to ban "unbreakable" encryption ( 1

Retron writes: The Telegraph reports that the UK Government is going to ban companies from offering "unbreakable" encryption, effectively requiring a backdoor in products from the likes of Google and Apple. The reasons given are that they don't want the likes of terrorists and paedophiles to communicate in places the Police can't reach.

Given that Apple especially makes a big fuss of their encryption standards, will they really cave in to the Government's demands? Will the population support the moves? And why is there no mention of Tor or VPNs?

Submission + - Collection misconceptions: the air in the cabin is hazardous to health (

An anonymous reader writes: One of the components widespread among the people aerophobia — long-held belief that the air in the cabin liner, particularly heavily saturated with microbes and therefore catch a flight a breeze. At first glance it is. Inside, crowded, and the air inside the aircraft (especially when landing on it) seems a little stale.

Submission + - Amazon coerces KDP authors, in irony bypass (

An anonymous reader writes: As author of several (averagely successful) books, I decided to self-publish through Amazon's KDP initiative. Today I get an email (more like a novel) urging me to spam Hachette CEO, Michael Pietsch, to complain about the price of their eBooks. They've given me his email, what I should say (quotes like "We have noted your illegal collusion. Please stop working so hard to overcharge for ebooks.", and "They can and should be less expensive.
Lowering e-book prices will help — not hurt — the reading culture, just like paperbacks did." and "Stop using your authors as leverage and accept one of Amazon's offers to take them out of the middle.") ... this is despite the fact none of the KDP books I've published are (by definition) published through Hachette. i.e. they've used an email exclusive for KDP, for propaganda against an unrelated company.

They also complain that Hachette are 'part of a $10 billion media conglomerate' when Amazon market cap is $146 billion.

They complain that ebooks should be cheaper because there's no printing etc... ignoring the fact that authors, editors, and _people_ need to get paid. (While Amazon invest in drones, and pay peanuts for their staff.)

And they continually reference George Orwell as being 'the other guy' ignoring their own practises of tracking ('who also bought...') and patent abuse.

When I found they've setup a web site claiming about 'readers united'.. when realizing it was their corporate shill site, I screamed and posted this.

Am I being too angry about this? Are they abusing their position?

Submission + - Should You Worry About the New Facebook Messenger? (

J.R.C.L. writes: A lot of Facebook users, including my wife, have recently raised privacy concerns over the new Facebook Messenger mobile app. They claim that by using the new app, Facebook would be able to steal all of your data, access your contact list and call your friends without permission, and use your camera and microphone without your knowledge. Scary, right?

Submission + - DARPA Wants To Kill The Password (

jfruh writes: Many security experts agree that our current authentication system, in which end users are forced to remember (or, more often, write down) a dizzying array of passwords is broken. DARPA, the U.S. Defense Department research arm that developed the Internet, is trying to work past the problem by eliminating passwords altogether, replacing them with biometric and other cues, using off-the-shelf technology available today.

Submission + - Cosmic rays may be born in superbubbles (

An anonymous reader writes: The Earth is being bombarded by cosmic rays from elsewhere in the galaxy, and a team of astronomers may have found a potential source: a 'cocoon' of cosmic rays in a bubble blown by young, massive stars.

Submission + - Shocking Revelation from the Core of the Earth (

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists carrying out research into the composition of the makeup of the Earth’s liquid core have recently announced that they have some interesting news about the Earth’s core. They are confused because the core isn’t quite composed of what they thought it was.

Traditional scientific theory suggests that there should be some lighter elements thrown into the liquid mix composing the outer core, otherwise it would be a different density. Up to this point, specialists in those areas hypothesized that the lighter element mixed in with the iron was probably oxygen, which is the next most abundant element in the world. But it looks as if this is not the case.

“The research revealed a powerful way to decipher the identity of the light elements in the core. Further research should focus on the potential presence of elements such as silicon in the outer core,”

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