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Submission + - Bug hits all quad-core AMD CPUs, no fix until 2008 (techreport.com)

vulyanov writes: The Tech Report has the scoop on a bug that affects all of AMD's quad-core Phenom and Opterons processors. The bug is related to the translation lookaside buffer (TLB) in the processors' L3 cache, and it can cause system hangs under some workloads. A new, fixed chip revision without the bug isn't due until some time in the first quarter of next year, possibly not until March. In the meantime, AMD has stopped shipments of quad-core Opterons to all but select customers, and the only fix available is a BIOS patch that induces a 10-20% performance penalty.

Feed Engadget: Yeast and sugar generator can power cellphones, but how does it work? (engadget.com)

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This yeast-and-sugar powered generator invented by Dr. Cedrick Ngalande of Malawi can supposedly power cellphones, OLPCs, and medical devices for up to eight hours, but apart from a few vague guesses involving CO2, oscillating motion, and a couple Sharper Image desk toys we've got lying around, we're utterly at a loss to explain how it works. Ideas, leave 'em in comments!

[Via Afrigadget]

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