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Comment Re:Broken? More like fixed. (Score -1) 773

But at the federal level I pay my taxes so the money can be used to bail out whatever group has their hand out this week?

Bullshit. The '08 "bailouts" weren't bailouts AT ALL. They just STABILIZED the financial system so that the gears of capitalism could keep working. If they hadn't, then businesses wouldn't be able to get short term credit, financing, even be able to make PAYROLL.

Yeah -- you heard me right: no bailout, no paychecks. Not even credit cards. Suddenly everyone would be unable to buy anything except maybe by barter. (Do you REALLY want people trading HARD ASSETS for what they need?)

Not a single person was bailed out. Zip. Zero. Nada. It's just that a ton of high-grade securities weren't trading at their TRUE value, so the government came in and bought them at a REASONABLE price. The rest of the bailout only consisted of LOANS that had to be FULLY REPAID, like what ol' General Motors (grr! unions bad!) did AHEAD OF TIME. Yeah, real "waste" there, right? Moron.

It's people like you promoting this moronic Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh ignorance that got this country in the mess it's in. And people like you who oppose EVERY possible method that will get the economy back on its feed again, like STIMULUS projects.

Comment Sorry, but they're absolutely right (Score -1, Troll) 646

I hate to be the one to break it you all, but it's a cold, hard fact that evolution is basically just a theory at this point.

Or, to use the language of science, a conjecture.

It hasn't been proven and probably can't be proven, so students are right to learn about this weakness.

It's quite unscientific to quash dissenting views.

Comment Re:That's just a bit premature... (Score -1, Troll) 336

George Will wrote some hack piece for the Washington Post on global warming that had exactly four data points in it, and each one of those facts was wrong. Do you think the "ombudsman" of the Washington Post is going to print a correction? No, because it's supposed to be an "opinion piece". Well, as the man said, you have the right to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

Link please??? Show me this alleged op-ed. I've read George Orwill for a long time, he usually gets his stuff right on the issues, and he's *especially* careful on scientific issues like global warming and vaccination.

By the way, isn't global warming still basically just a theory at this point anyway? Sorry, needs to be a little stronger than that before you take away the keys to my (luxury) SUV.

Comment Re:Jews Are Evil, Land & Water Theives (Score -1) 951

Wow. Just wow. You quite clearly have no clue what the fuck you're talking about, do you?

People who bash religion (like you're doing) have, without exception, never studied any serious theology or scrutinized the arguments of top theologians.

If you had, you would actually understand the "burden of proof" argument. You would understand why theology deserves a place in respectable secular universities right alongside physics. You would understand the real tests you can do to see if God is real. You would understand why, for example, Scientology is not a serious religion. Nor, of course, your hypothetical Reptile religion.

Tell me, how much of this are you actually familiar with? Do you know the difference between ecclesiology, soteriology, and hamartiology? Are you familiar with the doctrinal dispute in the Reformation? The English Reformation? Anabaptism?

(I know, I know, "you shouldn't have to get a doctor of divinity degree to debate god". Well, apparently, you need a degree in physics -- i.e. approval of people who disagree with you -- in order to debate fundamental theories of physics. Why is theology held to a higher standard?)

Comment Re:Actually, /. is amazingly tolerant of religion (Score -1) 1067

And as for your point of religious people believing their creed to be objectively true, you've got to be kidding. Show me one religion that says "look, here's how you can perform experiments to detect our god, and this is how you you can ask questions and get answers in an objectively verifiable and repeatable fashion" or anything like it.

Easy. Darwinism. Name of god they worship: Evolution

Comment Predictive power of evolution! (Score -1, Troll) 186

Ah, nothing like the predictive power of evolution for ya! Despite the fact that it's basically just a theory at this point, it can be used to "prove" pretty much anything you want! The birds are the same? Evolution! They're not the same? Uh, convergent evolution. That's it!

A while ago there were two papers I remember, where one of them observed that women dress sexier when fertile, while another observed women walk sexier when *not* fertile. Ah, inconsistent results that need more study, right? Nope! Evolution explains BOTH of them! Everything's consistent with evolution!

It really is just a theory folks. How about some warnings for the textbooks?

Comment Re:Something for the Buck (Score -1, Troll) 388

Shut up. Just shut the hell up. You have literally NO CLUE what the hell you are talking about. And yet you spout off anyway. Your envy of people who have actually achieved *success* in their lives, has blinded you to the NEED for the financial rescue package that our ELECTED representatives (we are a democracy, remember?) worked overtime to pass.

It was NOT about bailout of rich bankers, who -- if you're interested in the truth -- have NOT come out of this unscathed. They have gotten fired, seen their firms go down in flames, or seen their pay reduced SIGNFIGANTLY. It's not a case of someone having to "move into a smaller mansion" as you put it. And I totally resent your framing of it as a "bailout". It was a financial rescue and liquidity provision package, NOT a bailout. And it bailed YOU out, as I will explain in terms simple enough for you to understand.

Here's why we did the rescue: A bunch of banks packaged mortgage products together under a very elegant (and beautiful imho) design that nicely divvied up the risk and reward based on the unique, individual needs of various parties. At the same time, they have their own debts to pay off. At any given moment, however, their money isn't in cash: it's in complicated financial instruments.

But no problem, right? They just sell the instruments for the quick spending money to pay off the debts. Oops -- now, because of BASELESS fears, no one wants to buy the instruments at their FAIR market price, so now they're insolvent.

Does that make any sense to you? Going into bankruptcy just because you have to unload assets at fire sale prices, WELL below what they are TRULY worth? No one should have to deal with that. That's why the Treasury's plan was to simply step in, pay the FAIR market price, that no one else is willing to, so they can keep the credit system from freezing up.

And as Paulson explained, it worked. We averted a major crisis, in which people wouldn't have been able to take out loans for mortgages, cars, consumer credit products, and even PAYROLL.

Yes, it was that bad.

So please, shut your damn mouth and stick to a topic you actually understand -- like computers. And please leave the finance system to the professionals.

Comment Re:Homeostasis (Score 0, Interesting) 436

Uhhhhh huh. Yeah dude. Whatever. So, you're basically saying that whatever we find, uh, evolution, like, TOTALLY predicted it. If we find cases of evolution working like Darwin originally predicted, hey, that's proof. If we find the opposite, like the scientists just did, that's proof too! Everything's proof!

All that shows is that "evolution" is like "phlogiston" and "elan vital" and "emergence". They can explain everything, so they explain nothing.

Lessons to take away:

1) Explaining events is easy. The hard part is to not explain non-events.
2) The whole pretense of "separation of church and school" is a lie. We have the church in our schools *right this second*. All we did was replace the Pope's prayerbook with Charles Darwin's.

I could do better scientific work that the mainstream evolution fanatics by reading a Bible. And have.

Comment Re:I Knew It (Score -1, Flamebait) 257

Wow, what a sacrilegious crock! There wasn't any "FSM" (whatever that means) that "coded" God (unless you mean maybe the Bible Code, but that's under investigation). God is eternal; He always has been, always will be. This is pretty clearly delineated in the Holy Bible (I can send you one if you like).

Have you ever even actually REAd the Bible?

But hey, don't let the tenets of MY PERSONAL FAITH get in the way of your petty jokes....

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