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Submission + - What the IFPI tries to conceal about its origins (copyriot.se)

An anonymous reader writes: An old, influential, international organization usually wouldn't miss the opportunity to celebrate its own 75th birthday and inform the world about their history. Not so with the IFPI, the international lobby group of the record industry (closely affiliated with the RIAA). That their 75th anniversary takes place in 2008 is not only ignored by themselves. In fact, they actively try to conceal and suppress information about when and where they was founded.

Submission + - The Swedish OOXML vote as been declared invalid! (os2world.com)

Landreth writes: "The Swedish Standards Institute has tonight issued a press release, according to OS2 World, where they declared this weeks earlier vote regarding OOXML as invalid and by that Sweden don't have any official position regarding OOXML any more.

According to the press release (Swedish) issued by SIS, Swedish Standards Institute tonight (the pdf document is created 18:05) the SIS board has declared this weeks earlier OOXML vote as invalid due to that one of the participating companies has voted two times where the SIS rules clearly says that each company can only cast one vote each."

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