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Comment Re:Service guns (Score 1) 197

I noticed how libtards register their dogs as service dogs so that they can take them everywhere in planes, restaurants (including on top of tables), shops, etc. That made me realize even more how fair and great open carry truly is.

What's your point? Are you scared of service dogs and think you might need to shoot one?

Comment Because a lot of people "browse" TV (Score 1) 434

In a cinema you sit down and watch a film. Sometimes you do the same with a TV but a lot of the time some or all people watching will be doing something else. They may be browsing the internet on their phone, glancing at the TV occasionally, cooking but stopping to watch interesting news items, or just coming in to see what the others are watching. If you can't see clearly without putting on some special glasses this becomes anoying

Comment Re:Predicts accident (Score 1) 186

The notion of prediction is not applicable to a partially observable, stochastic environment.

Of course it is! A weather forecast is a prediction. Someone saying that a particular horse is most likely to win a race is a prediction. Of course in all cases there is only a certain probability of it being correct, but it is still a prediction.

Comment Re:Got nothing to hide? (Score 2) 74

If you have nothing to hide you should have nothing to fear.

Wait. Oh, I'm sorry.

If you have nothing to hide you should hope the leader of your country doesn't suffer from delusional paranoia and sees enemies everywhere.

This is a Muslim country we're talking about, just not being a Muslim (or the wrong type of Muslim) will make you an enemy

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