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Submission + - Air conditioning leak takes down university data center (thestack.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario saw its main data center taken offline after an air conditioning leak activated the fire suppression system. The university’s information systems, including email, finance and HR software, were unable to operate as normal between the hours of 11:30am on Sunday and 07:00am on Monday morning. The institution’s learning management system was also affected as well as course registration which was scheduled to begin early that day. The University was forced to delay registration slightly, getting the system running again for enrolling students by midnight.

Submission + - Boeing Told to Replace Cockpit Screens Affected by Wi-Fi

Rambo Tribble writes: The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered Boeing to replace Honeywell-built cockpit screens that could be affected by wi-fi transmissions. Additionally, the FAA has expressed concerns that other frequencies, such as used by air surveillance and weather radar, could disrupt the displays. The systems involved report airspeed, altitude, heading and pitch and roll to the crew, and the agency stated that a failure could cause a crash.

Meanwhile, the order is said to affect over 1,300 aircraft, and some airlines are baulking, since the problem has never been seen in operation, that the order presents "a high, and unnecessary, financial burden on operators".

Submission + - Apple Stock falls 3-4% after "Nude Celeb Scandal" (businessinsider.com)

retroworks writes: Both the Wall Street Journal (paywall http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat...), USA

Today, and Business Insider are all running stories about the big dip in Apple stock, close to the eve of the iPhone 6 rollout. Huffington Post's Headline is "Apple Stock Getting Killed" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/...

There are two different explanations given for the tanking Apple stock. To be sure, potential liabilities over The iCloud photo scandal and leaked celebrity nude photos gets its share of the blame. But and a note from Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves telling investors to sell Apple shares seems to carry more weight.

"Last week, the company was flying high as anticipation built for the iPhone 6, and the iWatch, which are expected to be announced next week. The stock was hitting new all-time highs...It all came to a screeching halt over the weekend for Apple, when nude photos of celebrities hit the web. Apple's weak security on iCloud, where the photos were backed up, was blamed for the photos hitting the web."

Apple's new mobile payments feature, as well as health tracking data tied to the iPhone, may feel the pinch from the data security breach (although most of that data is likely to be stored right on the phone, not in the iCloud, BusinessInsider points out). Pacific Crest's Hargreaves says, "We recommend taking profits in Apple."

Submission + - Heartbleed coder: bug in OpenSSL was an honest mistake (pcpro.co.uk) 1

nk497 writes: The Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL wasn't placed there deliberately, according to the coder responsible for the mistake — despite suspicions from many that security services may have been behind it. OpenSSL logs show that German developer Robin Seggelmann introduced the bug into OpenSSL when working on the open-source project two and a half years ago, according to an Australian newspaper. The change was logged on New Year's Eve 2011.

"I was working on improving OpenSSL and submitted numerous bug fixes and added new features," Seggelmann told the Sydney Morning Herald. "In one of the new features, unfortunately, I missed validating a variable containing a length." His work was reviewed, but the reviewer also missed the error, and it was included in the released version of OpenSSL.

Submission + - Improve Your Dev, Ops, and Kittens collaboration with DevOps on Kittens

An anonymous reader writes: DevOps on Kittens is here to provide you with ways to integrate kittens into your DevOps initiative — from concepts, to how-to articles, to specific products that will make your kittens more productive and your enterprise more successful. Their first article, Use Central Configuration Right Meow, discusses one of the most important fundamentals of the DevOps movement.

Submission + - Animated Rant about Windows 8 from former tech journalist. (youtube.com)

Funksaw writes: "Back in 2007, I wrote three articles on Ubuntu 6, MacOSX 10.4, and Windows Vista which were all featured on Slashdot. Now, with the release of Windows 8, I took a different tactic and produced an animated video. Those expecting me to bust out the performance tests and in-depth use of the OS are going to be dissapointed. Whilt that was my intention coming into the project, I couldn't even use Windows 8 long enough to get to the in-depth technical tests. In my opinion, Windows 8 is so horribly broken that it should be recalled."

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