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Free Rainbow Tables Looking For New Admin 95

lee writes "After almost three years online, the admin of Free Rainbow Tables has decided to call it a day, citing a lack of time to keep it running. (I'm sure that you all know a rainbow table is essentially a giant list of precomputed hashes.) This is a shame, as the site is a useful resource for those occasions when you really need an existing password exposed, rather than simply changing it. I'm a Windows admin, and this site has come in very handy in the past. The currently computed tables weigh in at well over half a terabyte, are available as torrents from the site, or from a couple of mirrors (and alternatives are available). When the site was active, it featured a downloadable BOINC client to put your idle cycles to work computing ever-greater tables, and a space-saving format for storing the tables. The admin is willing to hand over source code if you wish to take over, though I suspect hosting is not included!"

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