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Comment Re:And this explains... (Score 1) 145

Not getting any sleep is fatal. The theory that sleep's main function is "to forget" doesn't explain that.

Conceivably, it does. This theory goes that sleep makes us forget in order to do "housekeeping" for the brain. If the brain gets too cluttered, runs this line of thinking, it starts failing to function. Several neural failure could indeed lead to death.

Comment Re:Should I care? (Score 1) 316

You might not care, but the studios would. If they think they can increase DVD sales by not letting Netflix stream the movie, they'll do so.

Not quite correct. If they think they can make more from increased DVD sales than Netflix would pay them for the rights to stream the movie, then they'll shut down Netflix. And they have to ask themselves if consumers will decide to simply watch something that is on Neflix rather than buying the DVD.

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