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Feed Engadget: J. Lo brings latest album to Gresso flash drive (

Filed under: Portable Audio, Storage

Nah, J. Lo won't go down as the first artist to sell an album via flash drive, but she's certainly raising the bar concerning price. Apparently, Gresso has landed an agreement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment that allows it to distribute Lopez's "Brave" album on the Adam&Eve flash drive, which features 1GB of storage and is crafted from African Mahogany or African Blackwood. Word on the street has this one landing later this month for around $70, and while it's only a supposition, we could definitely see this thing selling better without the musical connection. [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via Luxist]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!


Submission + - Ubuntu Linux Tele-Health Solution For The Aging (

R.Lewis writes: With the increasing cases of Dementia and Alzheimer's, a new technology venture is set to introduce an Ubuntu Linux-based solution that's designed specifically for the elderly or those that may just be "a little forgetful". This Linux solution consists of a table-top touch-screen monitor, which is loaded with a "lightweight Internet desktop environment". There is then a server component to facilitate interaction between the care-receiver and caregiver(s). The caregivers log-into this "Reside@HOME Network" via a web browser and can share photographs, submit messages, and manage other details of the receiver's day-to-day life. At Phoronix is an article describing this Linux-based Reside@HOME solution, which will be launching in the first part of 2008.
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Solaris vs RedHat support costs

samsonov writes: "An interesting whitepaper discussing "real" cost of ownership, Solaris 10 vs RHEL has been put together by Crimson Consulting (no not Crimson Permanent Assurance Co). While it is considerably slanted, it has some comparison of costs to support each operating system. The most irksome quote from the whitepaper "In my opinion, Linux is just not ready for prime-time." -Unix architect/Crimson study participant at a major retailer."

Submission + - JACK Sync: A Primer For Linux Users

An anonymous reader writes: Recently I've been working with the transport synchronization capabilities of the JACK audio server. This article is a report on those capabilities as tested with a variety of Linux audio applications under the JAD and 64 Studio distributions.
"By now everyone in the Linux music and sound world has heard about Paul Davis's JACK audio server and transport control system. By way of introducing this article and for the benefit of the remaining few people who don't yet know about it I'll briefly review JACK's more salient characteristics..."

Feed Techdirt: Identity Fraud Victims May Soon Be Able To Sue For Time Spent Getting Their Iden (

One of the biggest problems with scammers taking your ID is that the victims are the ones who have to spend all the time and money cleaning up their credit record and dealing with the fallout of the fraud with little recourse. A new bill that's going through the Senate aims to at least allow identity fraud victims to sue the scammers for the time and effort it takes to repair their lives. Of course, that depends on them figuring out who the scammer was, which isn't always easy. This certainly seems reasonable given the burden placed on the victims of such scams, but it won't lessen the pain in dealing with credit agencies who all to often don't seem particularly willing to help in the aftermath of identity fraud.

Submission + - Bypass Windows With Fast-Boot Technolo

thatnerdguy writes: Phoenix Technologies, a developer of BIOS software, is working on a new technology called Hyperspace that will allow you to instantly load certain applications like email, web browser and media player, without loading windows. It could even lead to tailoring of computers to even more specific demographics, like a student laptop preloaded with word processor, email and an IM all available at the press of a button.

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