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Submission + - Transparent Aluminum is 30 years late, but finally here. (

Charliemopps writes: Though it's 30 years late, Transparent Aluminum, as predicted in the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, may finally be here. There have been many attempts to create transparent metals in the pass few years, and some have been somewhat successful, if only for a few femtoseconds.

But now, by modifying metals like Silver and Aluminum at the subwavelength scale, researchers are developing "Meta-Materials" that causes light to interact with these metals in new and interesting ways. One of their more promising goals is to create a "perfect lens" which would allow an every day person to view things as small as a virus with the naked eye. Will this eventually lead to whale sized fish tanks as clear as glass with the strength of aluminum? Only time will tell.

Submission + - Study: Men that post "Selfies" show traits of psychopathy (

Charliemopps writes: A new study conducted by Jesse Fox, assistant professor of Communication at The Ohio State University, with Margaret Rooney a graduate student at Ohio State, shows that men in the study who posted more photos of themselves online than the rest of the group, scored higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy.

Submission + - Voter fraud in Chicago (

Charliemopps writes: A number of city election judges received "intimidating" phone calls over the weekend that led some of them to quit the post, according to officials at the Chicago Board of Elections. More than 2,000 judges didn't show up on Tuesday. Dozens of party-affiliated judges who help oversee polling places received calls instructing them to attend additional training sessions. The callers also told them to only vote for the party for which they serve as judges. Some Chicago election judges were told in the false calls to report to a Cook County Republican Office on the Southwest Side for additional "training." A Republican operative who worked there said he made personal calls to judges, too. Robocalls also directed election judges to an address on 79th Street near another GOP office, where the deputy chairman of the Cook County Republican Party said they had a training session on Sunday. "Both parties have meetings with their election judges to work the polls, work the precincts," Darnell Macklin, vice chairman of the Cook County Republican Party, said.

Submission + - Physisists observer the Majorana fermion for the first time (

Charliemopps writes: For the first time Princeton University scientists have observed a Majorana fermion. A long predicted but never observed exotic particle that acts as both matter and anti-matter. The material is surprisingly stable. Being in both states at once seems to make it act very weakly with its surrounding. This could also be a major step towards quantum computing.

Submission + - FBI angry with Apple and Google for new security features (

Charliemopps writes: Recently Apple and Google implimented new encryption that will make it difficult for law enforcement to retrieve data from a locked device even when they have a valid search warent. Apparently the FBI is not very happy with either company. On Thursday FBI Director James B. Comey said:

There will come a day when it will matter a great deal to the lives of people... that we will be able to gain access” to such devices, Comey told reporters in a briefing. “I want to have that conversation [with companies responsible] before that day comes

Submission + - Hewlett-Packard pleads guilty to Bribery (

Charliemopps writes: Hewlett-Packard and three subsidiaries pleaded guilty Thursday to paying bribes to foreign officials in Russia, Mexico and Poland and agreed to pay $108 million in criminal and regulatory penalties. For over 10 years Hewlett-Packard kept 2 sets of books to track slush-funds they used to bribe government officials for favorable contracts.

Submission + - Verizon to offer discounted data rates to apps purchased through their app store ( 1

Charliemopps writes: Verizon, in a clear attempt at an end run around net neutrality rules, is prepared to launch another new app store. Their last app store failed miserably. But this new one will offer a new feature, discounted data rates for apps purchased through it as well as billing directly through the carrier.

Here's a link to the summary of the article, the original is pay-walled.

Submission + - The President supports Net Neutrality (

Charliemopps writes:

One of the issues around net neutrality is whether you are creating different rates or charges for different content providers. That's the big controversy here. So you have big, wealthy media companies who might be willing to pay more and also charge more for spectrum, more bandwidth on the Internet so they can stream movies faster. I personally, the position of my administration, as well as a lot of the companies here, is that you don’t want to start getting a differentiation in how accessible the Internet is to different users. You want to leave it open so the next Google and the next Facebook can succeed.

— President Obama

Submission + - Homeland security investigating the leak of a movie (

Charliemopps writes: Recently a high quality copy of the new movie "Expendables III" showed up on various torrent sites. Lionsgate filed suit against the torrent site and 10 "John doe" uploads that supposedly leaked the movie. They not only want to stop the piracy they expect the sites to "actively try and recover all copies of the film." After several calls to different law enforcement agencies, Homeland security has taken up the investigation. Because pirates are terrorists?

Submission + - Martha Sewart has a drone. No really, she does.... (

Charliemopps writes: I don't know what else to say about this other than that Martha Stewart is a drone enthusiast. She uses it to photograph her surroundings, map her garden. Certainly an unlikely advocate for a new nerd technology.

Submission + - Climate Science just got even more complicated (

Charliemopps writes: Shaun Lovejoy, a researcher at McGill University in Canada and long time Climate change advocate has released a new study that concludes recent pauses in global temperature rise are consistent with statistical models. This furthers the problem of finding direct evidence to convince a skeptical public.

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