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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Charmap and character names 3

Noticed charmap on Windows 2000 and XP have the names of the characters. Calling correctly the solidus and the full stop amongst many. Though, they made up a funny name for the chevron, or are they correct?

Chalk one point up for Microsoft.

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Verbiage: Charmap and character names

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  • Being Windows 2000 and XP deficient: what name have they given a chevron? Or what would you rather have it called?

    Count mine as a no vote on the solidus. Reminds me of the woman Dorothy Parker wrote insisted on calling a crime novel a whodidit.
    • It is called a "Double-Pointing Right Angle Quotation Mark". :)

      Bah! And they call the octothorpe a "Number Sign".

      Heh. But it definitely is a solidus :)

      If you get a chance, take a look.
  • As a homebrewer, I end up dealing with lots of German words and phrases. Here's the label they've come up with for ß (as in Weißbier), which is transliterated into English as "ss":

    "Latin Small Letter Sharp S"


    How about "Pilcrow Sign" for , which most people know as a paragraph marker (as seen in most word processors)?

    As for and , they are used in some other languages (though not in English, obviously) as quotation marks.

    (Dammit, /.'s selective Latin-1 character set filtering strikes

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