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Journal Chacham's Journal: Academics sacked because they lived in Israel 1

The London Telegraph has an article on two scholars that were dismissed from her journals because they were living in Israel.

The professor, Mona Baker, does ot deny why she sacked them.

Personally, I think the worst part of this is her use of words. The fact that Professor Baker was anti-Israel, or anti-Jewish, or anti-whatever is not so appalling. Most of the world is, especially Europe. But, that she said, "Israel has gone beyond just war crimes."

The idea of a "war crime" is ridiculous. As Rush Limbaugh points out, in war the aggressor makes the rules. War itself is a crime. Some actions are worse than others, but a "war crime"?

Well, I guess I understand the connotation of the term. But, to say that some goes *beyond* "war crimes"? Come on! Regardless of your belief about the Middle East conflict, that term is outrageous, not to mention illogical, and most probably fattening too.

Well, one thing can be known. She won't vote for the Tories. Only a liberal could talk like that.


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Academics sacked because they lived in Israel

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  • This wench needs to take a lesson in history...
    Comparing the going-ons in Isreal with the genocide of the holocaust is akin to comparing oranges to salami.

    And the fact that she believe that firing 2 people because of their heritage is closer to a mini-holocaust based on the national heritage of the individuals under her employ than a battle for the holy-lands is which has been underway since the times of Christ.

    To boycott a COUNTRY is QUITE different than prejudicial treatment of a person because their HERITAGE is from a particular country. Damn I guess the U.S. should fire and quit paying any Afgani or Iraqi...oh damn this sounds like that WWII thing that happened with the Japanese after pearl harbor(sp), but I guess since we wouldn't be sending them to 'concentration camps' there would be no harm done. WTF does this woman think she is on? One of the "Holy Crusades"?? "Dumb ass bitch"; pretty much sums up my feelings on this one.


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