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Journal Chacham's Journal: Trolling 3

I am in the mood to troll. I don't know why, but it actually sounds like fun. I figure, I'll try a new account I made, and see what happens.

Slashdot is a fun place sometimes.

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  • Troll with your low UID, high karma account. It's much more effective. You're better off with an account with 1000+ karma (yep, I have one from before the cap days).
    • Unfortunately, I never got into the karma thing too much, until after the cap. So, I'm down to 46 right now since I tick off too many insecure teenagers.

      I have a higher id account. Though I can't remember the password or email address I created for it. :-) I figure I'll just go get another username. Besides, I want people to take me seriously sometimes, so I don't want to mess up this username.
    • Just started having fun. But I made a mistake.
      My comment [] was understood backwards.

      Oh well, maybe I'll need a new id so I can try again.

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