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Slashdot Habits: No more email stories

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  • by mfh ( 56 )
    I agree with you there. If you don't have one, maybe get an RSS reader and check your feeds every couple of hours or so. Something is bound to lead you back to Slashdot once in a while!

    Me, I'm trying to cope with all the trolls here. I hope the new moderation system Rob is working on will help me sort comments better. There's not much of a use for the current system. There is always someone modding me up or down because of my UID. :(
  • The only time I read the commments is when I'm stressed out and need a laugh. You can't beat the adolescent mind for homourous inanity:-)

    www.boingboing.net is good, so is google's newgroups. Anything is better than /. conversation. Its' not the moderation, its that nothing of import is ever said, evar.

  • Now that you can actually see my posts again, you might take a chance to read through your back journals for where I pointed you to exactly what you were looking for only you couldn't see the comments :)

    Unless of course you were secretly reading them anyway.. Which kind of makes the -6 foe modifier a bit useless anyway huh?
  • by Tet ( 2721 ) *
    I was never completely sure why you foed me in the first place...
  • I wish this place had a profanity filter.

    Forget the /. filter (you don't want to mess with that nasty perl code, anyway)! You can do this yourself; if you're of suitable skill, you can easily create your own RSS reader and filler the feed. Kind of like the old 688 game: change the naughties into "stuff", "flock", "nasty", etc. Or, you can cut that message altogether [slashdot.org]. The only problem with doing the latter is that some conversations will seem disjointed, as they could miss some key messages in the th

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