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Journal Chacham's Journal: Corporate: Thanksgiving ever early leave, heater reported 2

So, on Thanksgiving eve, the word was given, and people left early. Not sure what it is about TG, but everyone seems to do that, making it the longest weekend off or something.

The room i work is is quite warm (76F), enough so that without either sugar or a fan i'll fall asleep. So, i went to the store to get a fan, but alas, they are "seasonal" items. A small heater does the trick.

Apparently, someone snitched on me as personal heaters are a no-no. Word came to me from three levels up that i had to do something. Currently, i wrote "FAN ONLY" on it, and i may just disable the heater for good measure. After having it for probably over a month, it seems silly that someone would care.

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Corporate: Thanksgiving ever early leave, heater reported

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  • At a place where I once worked, a coworker managed to get desktop fans banned because they could emit interference that would negatively affect the network.

    No, I'm not kidding.

  • We got to leave at 2pm on Wednesday. Nice, considering everyone and their brother was headed south on I-25 Wednesday afternoon... I saw the clump of headlights behind me and the clump of taillights in front of me, and got home almost as quickly as I do in the evenings. :D

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