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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Not feeling well, took off from work. 8

I do not like taking sick days from work. In fact it bothers me to do so. Being sick bothers me, it's a lack of normalcy.

Last time i really took off from work i ended up in the hospital. Something was growing in my stomach. Though, perhaps i took an afternoon off before when having a sever sinus headache, i try not to do that.

Yesterday, however, i was feeling quite tired. Given i don't get a good 6-8 hours a night, i blamed it on myself. But, when i came home for lunch, i used a thermometer and found my temperature to be 99.8f, not quite the fever, but 2.1 degrees above normal for me. Besides water, i had only have a danish for breakfast, and was otherwise not hungry. Finally, on my way home from lunch i nearly was blanking out for sheer tiredness. So, i gave in, and slept all afternoon, then again at night. ~13 hours of sleep.

I woke up this morning pretty tired, but feeling a bit better. And, my temperature was down to 98.4. I went to work, and had a danish again, figuring the sweets would entice me to eat. I had to pay for that, and once again i have taken off the afternoon.

I'm trying to figure out what this is. Mostly tiredness and loss of appetite, with my stomach not acting well if i eat.

Just had some chicken soup (a quart), and i am working on a cup of rice. Maybe that will help.

I almost want to end up in the hospital just to make it official.

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Chronicle: Not feeling well, took off from work.

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  • It sounds like you have some sort of 'flu; there were all sorts of strange 'flus going around here last winter.

    I recommend ginger which is good both for cold and 'gastro' symptoms.

    Clear-Steamed Drunken Chicken Soup
    1 whole chicken

    For Broth:
    4 cups water
    2 cups rice wine (pref. Shaoxing) or dry sherry
    10-12 slices fresh ginger, lightly crushed
    salt to taste

    I add garlic as well because, well, what is cooking without garlic?!? I also add lemon and soy sauce and sometimes a bit of sesame oil (Pearl River) to
    • Thanx.

      Looks like i'm over it. Chicken soup (different) did the trick.
      • Tsk, tsk. It was thinking of ginger what did it! Honest it was!
        • Heh.

          And for Friday night, besides other food, i took some chicken parts ("drummette" from wing) and doused it in a ketchup, honey, black pepper, garlic powder and water mixture. I forgot when i was doing it that i wanted it to bake on, and added much too much water. So, after the dousing, i added a little ketchup and honey on top of the pieces in the pan.

          When i went to check on the chicken, i figured i'd spill out the fat as i usually do. But, then i realized that it was this very fat that _made_ the sauc

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