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Journal Chacham's Journal: AskSlashdot

Is it just me, or are the questions the same things that should be asked in newsgroups? This last question I saw, about replication in MySQL was retarded. The guy obviously didn't RTM, and is basically asking how to make it easier to destroy the database.

But that's not all (it can still cut through butter with ease) the questions of late are just turning into newsgroup questions.

I'd figure that the questions here would be of interest to the /. communists^H^H^Hity and where a search on google showed little to nothing. But now it all seems silly. I even think its going as bad as the slashdot polls are.

Arg, slashdot is going downhill. Very slowly right now, but it is happenening. A few years ago it was so much better. I think I used to read a lot more of the articles than I do now. And I only read now so much, because I'm unemployed.

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