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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rant: Some blacks in Detroit are trying to get killed. 2

I'm for certain this JE must be racist in some way, but it is not intended that way. This is about blacks who live in Detroit.

Just now (nighttime), i was driving home down a street when two blacks crossed in front of me as i was very close to them. One was dresses all in black, and was very hard to see, the other has a half-white shirt on. If not for him i probably would have not seen them and run them both over.

It's not that they are black and therefore harder to see at night, it's not that they were wearing dark clothes making them harder to see, it's not that it was dark night outside that made it hard to see anything, it's not even that they crossed while a few feet in front of me. It's that after I drove by they gave me a dirty look like i was at fault.


So, I was talking to my younger brother about this and he told me that twice so far the same thing happened. Once, he was driving down a street when a group stopped. So, he kept going along merrily. When he got closer, they decided to cross. Realizing he couldn't even brake in time, he stepped on the accelerator. Hearing the roar, all of the group except one ran off the street. He was saved by his sister apparently, and wasn't hit.

An this isn't the first time. It happens not all the time, but enough for me to take notice. And only with blacks. I think some blacks have a death wish. Or maybe, they think Jewish drivers must stop for them. Who knows?

Bleh. Why can't we all just act normally?

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Rant: Some blacks in Detroit are trying to get killed.

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