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Journal Chacham's Journal: Rant: Lotus Notes is too confusing 4

And one more thing.

Lotus Notes is horrible.

It's big, it's bloated, it's slow, it's counter-intuitive, it has poor keyboard support.

Return means open an email But in an email, spacebar opens the attachment, and return goes to the next email! That's sdrawkcab!!

And all the tabs, and the side buttons. And I'm supposed to use it? I'm just a simple DB guy. This is too confusing for me.

At least I finally realized IBM (UDB tools) uses F10 for the menu. Alt is useles. Kind of funny. As SQL Server 7 has poor keyboard support too.

Why can't I just work from a command window. Things were so much easier back then. :(

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Rant: Lotus Notes is too confusing

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  • I'm a Corel girl myself.

    I hate Lotus. I especially hate Lotus Smartsuite's word processing programme (whatever it's called) ... or, at least, I hated the version I tried (way back when). Such a pain in the neck with all the 'clever' things they had introduced that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I have no idea how Lotus ever gained any popularity. They must be bribing people to use it!
    • They must be bribing people to use it

      Or talking to the people who like prettiness over functionality, and whose job it is to waste time anyway. :-P
      • ... who like prettiness over functionality

        Cute. I never thought of that ... possibly due to the fact that I didn't find Lotus Whatever particularly pretty ... or maybe I missed out on the prettiness due to intense irritation ... it's hard to see clearly when you're busy tearing your hair in frustration!
        • Yeah. I found it because I figured *something* had to be the sellling point.

          Besides, there are a million options to "customize" the "welcome page". But hardly anything on functionality.

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