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Journal Chacham's Journal: Credit card requires a plastic bag to work? 3

I went to Meijer the other day, and wanted to pay with my credit card. It didn't seem to work. This happens on rare occasions. So, the cashier mentioned I should try it backwards, and other actions. None worked. Then, he asked for my card. He took a plastic shopping bag, and put my card in it, and swiped it again through the reader. This time it worked! I asked why, he said he didn't know, but someone showed it to him. I don't know why that worked. I am wondering about it and further wondering how a new cashier would look at me if I propose such a solution in the future.

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Credit card requires a plastic bag to work?

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  • I've seen it a few times before. I have no idea how/why it works (I could think about it, but why bother?)

  • credit cards work off magnetics right?
    plastic bags DO have static electricity that may cause a failing 'magnet' of such weak strength to be read by the reader due to the magnet "energizing" through the plastic bag eh?

    Just an idea...would be a kewl science project to prove thus or otherwise...

    I'm no physisist, merely use'n logic or a lack thereof =)

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