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Journal Chacham's Journal: Unions Data online 1

The United States Department of Labor announced a new web site that eases access to union annual financial reports. Fox News has a review of some of the data.

It's rather astounding what these people on top are making. This is one reason I despise unions. Their justifications for their salaries are that it should be compared to the business world, rather than to their own organization! Come on, that's ridiculous!

The one that bothers me most, is Sandra Feldman, head of some "federation" of teachers. I turn off the radio (or change the channel) whenever she comes on. Her biased attittudes are of no help to anyone. I believe that they just add reasons for hate to already angry people.

This is not a rant on unions. That would require a separate posting. This is on the heads of unions making an enormous amount of money, which is ostensibly the opposite of what they stand for.

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Unions Data online

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  • Let me start out by saying that unions can be a damned good thing.

    First problem: executive pay. As you point out, it is absurd. No union exec should make one dime more than the highest tier of rank and file members. A corollary to this is that in many unions (I specifically point to the Teamsters) the execs have never (for example) driven a truck. They've never done the job. They are in no way a representative of the members. They also take these posts for life, and will never in the future drive a truck.

    Second problem, totally unrelated: unions descended largely from trade guilds and apprenticeships. My biggest problem is that unions no longer do a service to the employer. In theory, they would have a barrier to entry. If you can't do some basic task, you can't be in the UAW, and you can't work for Ford. No longer the case.

    Unions have been bastardized and taken over by those at the top. Sure, there are a few that still work correctly, but by and large, they are now irrelavant. (sp)

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