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Journal Chacham's Journal: Removed Flash 6

After being annoyed again and again, I went into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and rmed It works. So happy am I.

Now I'm apt-getting the flashplugin package to see if it has some better uninstall script. Hmm.. come to think of it, I wonder about going through my package list and removing non-essential never used items. But, that seems complicated. How do I know what I need without waiting for dependencies to crop up errors?

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Removed Flash

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  • by keesh ( 202812 )
    Just rm stuff completely at random until something goes wrong. Then you know that the thing you just deleted was needed. Restore from a backup, repeat a few million times, and you get a fairly good idea of what's needed and what isn't.
    • Hey, that what I did with the Windows Registry. :-)

      After needing to reinstall 95 about seven times, I gave up and tried NT. It didn't crash as much, and I learnt quite a bit.

      With Linux, however, I am afraid to do that. Because what doesn't affect anything today, may affect it tommorrow. And error messages are many times less then helpful. It then requires quite a bit of searching, which I don't mind, but it would be too much to bear if I did it all over the place.

      I do rm stuff now and then though, when I think it is useless. There is hardly a better way to learn.
  • try deborphan. It'll see what packages are not used by other packages.

    • Cool. And debfoster too. I like that.

      I'm going to have to install these a bit later.

    • Oh my.

      vrms?!?! "Future Versions...".

      Hmm... cruft seems nice.

      Now, I'm wondering if there is a way to remember what I just installed. Like, "Gee, this looks kewl", install, come back later, hmm... what did I install again?

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