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Question: Images of confluence of Indian and Pacific oceans?

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  • There are all sorts of maps of Australia here: Maps of Australia [].

    Not quite sure whether there can be a confluence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans off the Australian southeast coast; think that particular spot might be occupied by the Tasman Sea [].
    • Thanx.

      But I am for certain that I once saw a video of the two ocean's pouring into each other. One was blue, the other green.
      • No, no, I'm not saying that there isn't one; my point is rather that your location might be 'wrong' or that you're using the 'wrong' names for the waters.

        To me, off the southeast coast of Australia there are the East Australian Current (EAC) and the Tasman Sea. Now, it would appear some map-makers disagree [], but, what can I say, that's not the way we see it here downunder. I would say that there are two possible locations for a confluence of the Indian [] and Pacific Oceans: to the north off the coast of North
        • Ah, OK. i am actually not sure of the location. I just remember it being off the Australian coast.

          I'd prefer the pictures online, that's easy. But, i'd go anyway for 'em.
  • I have looked for books etc here in Sydney but failed to find any with any worthwhile pictures of different coloured waters somewhere near Australia.

    I have also googled various terms I thought appropriate and by and large failed to find very much worthwhile in terms of images of the same.

    However, NASA has a truly amazing site [] full of the most of awesome images of various parts of the globe, for instance here [] and here [], including a 'blue green patch of the ocean' [] (I think that must be the scientific term) i

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