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Journal Chacham's Journal: Gameboy Advance / Afterburner

Got my Afterburner from Triton Labs. Wow! It is amazing! I played a game last night with the lights off, just because I could. Also, there is some detail in darker games, that I didn't know was there.

The installation wasn't perfect. A friend did it, and this was his second install. No dirt under the AR film, but it looks like a couple really tiny, basically insignificant, but none-the-less annoying, pieces of dirt found their place elsewhere. Oh well, can't have everything.

When installing the AR film, part of the glue came off on the plastic, so that film was gone. Luckily, I bought two kits, so we used the film from the other one. Now I've got to get a replace AR film, so that second kit is complete.

There was also some banding after we turned it on. Not sure what caused that, but, if we find out, we ought to fix it. It really isn't that bad though, as I hardly notice it when I am playing.

Overall, It is an amazing system, and I doubt that anyone who uses it, would accept playing without it.

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Gameboy Advance / Afterburner

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