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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Diablo online ramblings

Been playing the Spanish Devil lately, and realized that no less than two can play. For, there is always a jerk playing, and he is always bothering somebody else.

So, I was playing a few days ago and some kid asked me my age. I said 31, and he asked if i was kidding. He said he's only 13. After confirmation, he starting screaming "stop touching me". Ignoring him, i said "let's play", he used that to his advantage, so i said "the game", he did a faux mea culpa and now calls me "old man". Sheesh!

The other night, was one of the many times a hacked char pked me. So, i left and started a new game called "so-and-so is a jerk". Well, that player logged onto my game again and asked why. I explain the lack of decency. And that even though i was rezzed, continuous kills are a pain. She said "but i'm a girl". And I said that was irrelevant, she was still a jerk. So she said "you must be gay". I responded that i was probably twice her age, and she left the game.

Perhaps it's a right-of-passage to move here.

Makes me wonder why anyone plays it anyway.

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Verbiage: Diablo online ramblings

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