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Star Wars Prequels

Journal Chacham's Journal: Yoda Speak 6

Well, I saw AotC, it was a pretty good movie. The yoda fighting scene was really cool. I was just wondering who was stronger, Yoda, or the Sith. I assume the Sith was stronger, which was why Yoda never took him on.

Anyway, I love Yoda-Speak. Strangely enoough, I enjoyed it even more because it reminded me of a User Friendly cartoon where Erwin was on an HP calculator, and did Yoda-Speak.

Apparently many people love it. There are quite a few web pages on the topic.

I was wondering if there was a method to his speaking. I think I got it down, but I haven't actually though of the rules would be.

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Yoda Speak

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  • Ata be'emet chacham?
    • by Chacham ( 981 )
      Hayodim yodim mayolam. V'halo yodim, lo yodim l'olam.
      • Heh.
        You remind me of the physics teacher who loved using a sentence similar to this. It was something like "Im einkha yode'a, tish'al"... can't remember the rest of it, but meaning that people who don't ask are dumb.
        • by Chacham ( 981 )
          Actually, the original is from Pirkei Avos, "Ayn Habayshun luhmad." You're quote is probably an extrapolation of that point.
  • Yoda gets his message across as quickly and efficiently as possible. The tail-end of his statement is just to fill in the extra verbs and adjectives to let you know what the provided nouns mean. He's like a hyperventilating 5 year old with asthma who's trying to tell you something.

    If Yoda were Lassie:
    Timmy in well, he fell down.

I'd rather just believe that it's done by little elves running around.