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Verbiage: White bag is sterile, brown is dirty.

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  • I usually think of brown bag as grocery bags.

    Also, from a butcher brown is usually the color of the paper the meat
    is wrapped in. That is probably just since brown is cheaper, since it
    doesn't use bleach. Also, I would think brown does not show blood
    stains as obviously as white paper.
    • Good points.

      Perhaps brown for unprepared and white for prepared?
      • It is not clear to me that the brown bag is made from recycled paper; in all probability it is made from non-bleached, un-recycled paper. Non-bleached paper is more environment-friendly than bleached/whitened, but, I believe, just as sterile as ever white.

        Judging by statements on the Environment Q&A page [m-real.com] at the website of m-real [m-real.com] (a European company which 'delivers innovative paper and packaging solutions), recycled paper seems deemed unsuitable for food packaging (in Europe at least).

        Does paper rec

  • How do you eat Fish 'n Chips then?
    • Fish? Yuck! :)

      I actually don't know what bag those would come in.
      • They come wrapped in newspaper.

        According to the Asterix [ifi.uio.no] books (which contain much valuable historical infomation but much that is humourously apocryphal), wrapping fish & chips in newpaper is a hangover from when the soothsayers would open up an animal to read the future from its' entrails.

        Hence we still get reading matter when we purchase food today.

        And its' definately not sterile because its recycled paper that has been handled by the public.

        • And its' definately not sterile because its recycled paper that has been handled by the public.

          And it stinks like fish too! :)

          Thanx for the comment.
  • ...there's help for that. ;P Actually, I know what you mean. I think it's my type-A side, but I've always preferred to put things that are supposed to be eaten in while paper bags or fresh new plastic bags. However, I do acknowledge it's a type-A attribute.
  • by MJRo ( 763418 )
    This sounds to me like clear subconscious racism. Why else would you associate brown with "dirty" and white with "sterile". I recommend intensive sensitivity training with future use of only multi-colored bags with many appropriate ribbons attached to further enhance your sensitivity and diversity.

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