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Journal Chacham's Journal: News: Organization pays kids to report online pedophiles 4

Someone sent me the link. It failed story submission. I figure it's yro, but whatever. Either way he's right. It is scary.


WOKR news is reporting that the National Police Defense Foundation has a new program called Project Pedophile (also here) aimed at giving kids $1000 for every successful arrest and conviction they help the authorities make of a pedophile online.

This seems very scary. Children are believed when making claims about pedophiles, to the point where people are basically guilty until proven innocent. Some schools have policies about immediate suspension of a teacher from any such claim. And now, they want to pay kids to make such claims. Something is wrong with this picture.

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News: Organization pays kids to report online pedophiles

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  • The PP page says

    Project Pedophile will reward any child with a $1,000.00 U.S. Savings Bond for public information leading to the Federal arrest and conviction of any pedophile operating on the internet. [emphasis mine]

    On the internet. This is not the same as reporting your-word-against-mine stories about what happened when no-one else was around. If the cops have dug up enough information to track down the person, they should have found an incriminating chat log or something.

    • Somewhat true. For one, many times there are no logs. But even that doesn't matter.

      The point is that children are being encouraged to make claims. They suffer no consequence if the claim is false. This happened with witch claims sometime back, and many women were killed simply because some local kid didn't like her. Wasn't there one German city where *all* the women were killed?

      What bothers me most is that kids are generally not believed, and their opinions are rarely valued, except in a few rare cases. B
      • It doesn't apply only to children: see, for instance, this article [] about a father denied access to his children, first without any reason/explanation at all and later because his estranged wife claimed that he was violent towards her and the children. No evidence for these charges were ever found. The man, who appears to have been innocent, was either denied any access to his children altogether, or granted supervised access only. He further had to jump through every hoop the law (and social services agenci

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