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Journal Chacham's Journal: (Quick) Rant: I could care less 10

What's with "I could care less". The term is "I couldn't care less." If they could care less, they are idiots for not caring less. The whole point is that the person cares so little it would be impossible to care less.

Grr... Does anyone actually listen to what they are saying?!

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(Quick) Rant: I could care less

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  • Sorry. The term is stuck. Yes, it's nonsensical. But it still means what it means.

  • by mfh ( 56 )
    I think the term "I could care less" comes from someone explaining to someone else that they are thinking about the things they care very little about, and *you* reminded them of that.

    It's an honest thing to say to someone you are speaking with who is saying something stupid or annoying to you, that you have thought about it and there are some things you could care less about than what they're saying, but possibly not too many.

    It's like saying their topic has entered the top ten things they care the least
    • I think it's just a shortening of "I couldn't care less."

      Check this [] out.
      • FTA: > Think about it: if you could care less, that means you care some.

        Okay so they think that if you can care less, you care a little, but that is not the case. I can think of about 1000 things off the top of my head that I care little about and if I put them in order, that ordering would mean that I care less about some than others. But I still care very little for any of them, as being grouped that way from the start.

        Maybe the language changed because of what they're saying, but I say it fits. I c
      • Thanx for the link!
  • Every time I hear something like this it sets my teeth on edge.
    Usually the people who fsck up these sayings end up saying the fscked up version over and over again - like it becomes their favourite phrase.
    Nothing a punch in the stomach can't fix though.
  • I don't care, but I care enough to post this comment.

    Therefore, I could care less. Q.E.D.
  • I've only seen this term used as "I could care less, but only if paid to do so." And no, it doesn't bother me, because in that context, "could care less" sounds rather ironic.

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