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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: What are silly things but have perceived value? 9

Certain things are silly from one perspective, yet have a lot of meaning from another. getting Philip Zimmerman to sign your key.
  or like getting CmdrTaco to Friend you.

I don't mean absolute sillyness like having Bill Gates install your printer, as there's just no point. Or having Linus sign your install disc, would also be useless, as the only value would be sentimental or monetary. However, having Zimmerman sign your key give gives off a perceived value, yet Philip himself wondered aloud why people care. He's correct, but people give him value anyway. Perhaps, since signing is for security (and geek factor) having the father sign the key is the most added value. Having CmdrTaco friend you isn't too special, especially because he is wont to cuss, yet being who he is, it would be a have added value. The value being that sometimes we take pleasure is being friended, so being friended by the founder, must add to that feeling.

I was wondering what other things would make this "actually silly, but perceived value" list. I hope to add more in comments later as i think of them. But that's not as important. What is important is, what do you think?

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Question: What are silly things but have perceived value?

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  • Okay I'll bite:

    1. Having Zoid compile one of your levels for you.

    2. Having your sounds in one of Paul Steed's PMPs.

    3. Getting sued by the The RIAA

    4. Getting sued by The SCO

    5. Having a Total Fark account

    6. Getting interviewed/published by the New York Times

    7. Getting interviewed/published by MTV Magazine

    8. Getting a job interview by The RIAA, SCO... etc.

    9. Working at Microsoft

    10. Getting another MCSE

  • Having a slashdot low numbered slashdot account.

    Slashdot account: Free

    Telling Bruce Perens he is the "Maddona of the Free Software Movement, running from useless fad to useless fad", and have him reply "I'm to sexy for Free Software".

    --that is priceless

    Ahh yes, people didn't know how to really troll until Bruce and (what was the "post columbine world" guy's name again?) came along. And just as truth is stranger than fiction, sincere and wanton desire for attention can produce better quality trolling tha
  • A low Slashdot UID (and an FP, high karma, etc)
    A GMail account
    Real estate on the Moon/Mars/Sun/etc
    A nobility title
    A high IQ (borderline silly)
    A collection of baseball cards
    A piece of SS Columbia
  • * having K5ARP [] comment in your thread, or better yet create a re-enactment of you.
    * Having an Erdos Number []
    * having your book reviewed by robert steele []
    * my freind schnits [] had one of his mp3 files' lyrics turned into one of those chain mail forwards...and forwarded around the world through 14 year old girls chains upon chains of freinds until it eventually started coming back to me from new zealand, africa, and america... that's gotta count for something.
    * I've taken a photograph of lightning hitting
    • Well, your examples are better than the others listed here. :)

      Nice pic. How'd you chance upon that?
      • I was at Penhold Air Cadet Training Centre, employed as a newspaper editor, at the time(2001). Every summer the region gets hit by wave upon wave of storms, that specific storm had lightning in the sky the whole night, every direction you would look there was lightning--I'm surprised that was the only picture I caught! I took picture after picture with my 1-2 Megapixel Olympus Camera... so much so that I went through not only all the batteries for the camera, my personal batteries, I also had to beg for s
        • Neat. I do have a digital camera. I took a picture of a demonstaration witha faraday cage (and whaever that volt maker is called) and got a neat picture.

          I'd love to see your other picture.

          Thanx for the story.

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